Tuesday, December 7, 2010

House Tour Recap

The House Tour came and went without a hitch. I'll admit it was a lot of work, but I just love decorating for Christmas so it was fun! I wasn't nervous at all, until I left the house in the hands of the lovely hosts sent by the Summerset Manor and realized it was all out of my hands. What if I didn't have enough decorations? What if people didn't like it? I let it go and enjoyed a lovely night, visiting the other homes on the tour.

It is so fun to see how other people decorate and see such creative ideas. I saw one tree, so full and beautiful, that I couldn't believe it was possibly real! Our last stop was the Lofts on 359 Water. I loved everything about it. The wooden beams, the shutters on the endless windows, the light fixtures, the hardwood and concrete floors. And, I can only imagine what the view must be in the daytime. I wonder if they will let me move in?

I am humbled by the positive comments received in the guest book and from people on the tour. I am still blushing. I know I love it, but it is nice to know that others appreciate it as well!

Here is a little sneak peak. I will post more pictures throughout the week. I tried really hard to capture everything, but really pictures never are as nice as in person:) I hope you like it!

The wreath on the front door made by my sister Julie and I (inspired by Centsational Girl). It almost didn't make it after blowing off the door during a wind storm that afternoon.
My mom rescued what she could and we put it back together at the last minute!

The fireplace mantel, topped with fresh cedar and pine. I love white feathers too and added a few feather trees. I wrapped a feather boa around an old wreath and hung it from the mirror.

There is more to come over the next few days. Come back and visit again!


  1. Just beauiful, can't wait for more pics!

  2. Now I am officially homesick and ready for the holiday season! Cn't wait to see it all in person. Congratulations!

    Love Pam

  3. So pretty! I love those feather trees!

  4. Soooo wishing I had a mantle right now so I could do this! I love the feather boa wreath idea!


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