Thursday, December 23, 2010

A $2 Tree Skirt

This year, I searched high and low for an affordable tree skirt. I wanted something simple, in a white or cream. I saw lots of really beautiful ones, but I have a hard time paying $40 or $50 for something I would use for only a couple of weeks.
So, I was browsing through the Dollarama one day and came upon their felt tree skirts. I bought 2 of them and took them home.
One I left intact and the other one I used to make little felted rosettes. I would explain how to do it, but Ellen at Creative Passage offers the best instructions, so you can find them here.
Mine were just cut freehand while watching tv, so they are certainly not all the same size, but I like them that way. I glued them all in a random pattern all over one section of the skirt.

What do you think? Not bad for $2?
Don't mind the bad pictures. I've been playing around with Picasa.. not so successfully:)


  1. Good ol' dollarama. I love it, the rosettes look fantastic!

  2. I like I like it’s so nice and neat. I have a 4 FT pink tree. My little girl wanted it lol


  3. What a great idea! And at 2 bucks?!
    Sarah B.

  4. What a great idea! It turned out great!

  5. It turned out great! x


  6. Wow, what an elegant, one of a kind tree skirt. It has such a modern, simple look to it and yet it fits perfectly in your house. Beautiful, beautiful job.

  7. Love it! You were smart to make something cute out of a dollar store find.

  8. How beautiful is that!! I love it and am thinking about trying it out on a red Christmas tree skirt! Thanks for sending folks to my blog too! Have a great Christmas!

  9. amazing! So wish I would have had a chance to drop by over the Holidays!


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