Sunday, October 10, 2010

New Lonny is Out!

As much as I've enjoyed the appearance of online magazines, I felt there was something missing. My friend Kendra said it best: "They are sort of cataloguey". I couldn't have agreed more. Nothing beats a real magazine, but they are a close second.
The newest Lonny is out and it's certainly inspiring! I find that this issue features more spaces that you can actually live in than their previous issues.
Their new website is great too and allows to you look back at your favorite images from previous issues.

Here are of few of my favorite images from this issue:

This last one (a la Eddie Ross) would be beautiful for a fall dinner party. Speaking off... I'm off to each some turkey dinner with my family. Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian blogger friends!


  1. Oh wow! I have never heard of Lonny. I'm going to have to look for that one. Kinda reminds me of the defunct Domino magazine. I am totally digging those black highlighted walls. Thanks for sharing those!

  2. I love Lonny! I could spend a whole day looking online at the pictures!

  3. Those little oys do not live in that house!

  4. Little boys don't ever climb on furniture or touch things they shouldn't! That's what I heard anyway... :)


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