Wednesday, August 25, 2010

When White is Just Right

I love white things. Accessories, bedding, furniture. Everything I see screams: Paint me white! But most of all, I love white walls and white rooms. I think white is forever chic.
It can be glamorous in cream, oyster or mother of pearl with touches of silver, glass, mirror or antique nickle.

Or, I love it just as much when it's pure white with minimal accessories, natural wood accents and plenty of natural light.

via Living Etc
I do, however, realize that sometimes white just isn't practical and there are certain rules for making it work.

I've often said that if I were to do it all over again, I'd paint my whole house white. I wouldn't really. I just like the idea of it. In the end, my house just doesn't live up to the "rules". I guess they aren't official rules but more what I think. Hey, it's my blog and I can say what I want, right? :)

"My rules" about using white:

#1: High ceilings and nice architecture really help.

Ceiling height silk panels spell luxury.

via remodelista
The white, glossy floors make my heart skip a beat. Not practical though.. especially with a shedding dog.

A dream room for me.

#2 Good lighting is key.

images via decor8

via mark lund

via joanna henderson

#3 Sure, all-white designer spaces are great. In real life, we need somewhere to rest the eye. (artwork, flooring, accessories)

via bhg
White walls are the perfect canvas for bright artwork.

via decor pad
To me, nothing beats a black and white rug.

via style at home
Dark wood floors ground the space.

More dark wood floors and a dark framed mirror.

#4 White kitchens always work. Always did. Alway will. I hope:)

images via decorpad

via style at home

Don't get me wrong. My house doesn't meet all the rules. I don't have tall ceilings, or even crown mouldings, and I get only moderate amounts of light depending on the room. But, I do have a ultra-white bedroom walls and bedding. It works with the addition of some black accents.

One of my favorite white houses belonged to Anna Spiro of Absolutely Beautiful Things. You can check out my feature on her home here.

Also, for those of you stuck with white wall and not diggin it, Kate over at Centsational girl did a great post today on injecting color when you can't paint. (any renters out there who can relate?) 


  1. You have to come down and see my WHITE place. I don't really follow all the rules either (although, I do live up to some of the ones that you listed) but I am in LOVE with all of the pics that you posted! Totally my style...

  2. I love white too. Sometimes I feel like I'm in the minority, glad you like it too! I'm gonna check out the post on Anna's home now.

  3. KENDRA! I can't believe I haven't been down yet. I am awful:( You are getting your very own post on modern jane. No if ands or buts!!

  4. This makes me want to paint my whole house white! LOL And YAY! Can't wait to see Kendra's pics!!

  5. Its still VERY much a work in progress. The government took my decorating budget, so now it is slower than predicted :) But it is certainly white! Can't wait to show it to you, and get your opinions! I need help with choosing artwork...

  6. We are redoing our kitchen. Tino loves do the kids' fingers...we are getting dark wood. Maybe when they move out he will get HIS dream kitchen!

  7. Jane - I get what you mean about white. Absolutely LOVE the first of these - Jenn

  8. I just love all these white rooms - my favourite!!! :)


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