Thursday, August 26, 2010

Idea Board: Mom and Dad's Warm and Cozy Family Room

Mom and Dad's Family Room

I put this idea board together to give my mom and dad a taste of what I'm thinking for their family room. Bear with me, it is the first time I've done this!
They are going shopping in the States in a couple of weeks. My mom wants to be on the look out for things for the room. I think the board gives an idea of the direction we are going so hopefully she can pick up some fun stuff!
We've picked out Evangeline Green Tint by Para Paints, which is a soft green-gray. It will be paired with white trim and wainscotting.
Once the painting is done, Dad is going to put down laminate flooring.
The sectional is the one they've ordered but with a different fabric.

 new flooring and sofa fabric

Dad really wants a recliner. Have you ever actually shopped for a recliner? Or, have you even googled it? It seriously hurts my eyes. I don't really know if it is going to be possible to find one that is semi attractive.
I actually googled: not ugly recliners. No lie. It worked though, I found the one shown above. It's from Crate and Barrel, which we don't have here, so the search continues!

This was the only thing in the room that has to stay. I really like it and I think it will be great in the room.

antique pine cabinet (it does have drawers)
I can't wait to get going on the room!


  1. Great ideas Jane. Wish I could be there to help pull it together with you.


  2. What a fun design board. Your mom and dad are lucky to have your expertise.
    Try Design Within Reach for some better looking recliners.

  3. We found a nice recliner at Ikea in Edmonton this summer, the Ektorp Muren. I can't find it on the website, and I don't know how close an Ikea would be to you, but it looks like this,

    By the way, where are your parents getting their sofa from? We are in dire need of a new one but in rural Alberta, far from Edmonton and Calgary, we are sort of stuck for options.

    Love all of your projects!


  4. I love your design board! I think the pillows make the room, but then, I'm a sucker for an awesome pillow!
    Great job!



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