Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Shed redo - DAY 1

I promised myself that I would start my shed project within the first week of summer vacation. I knew if I didn't start right away it wouldn't get done. I got a little sidetracked with some gardening. Shopping for perennials (and stealing from family) is fun!
Finally yesterday I used a pressure washer to remove some of the loose paint. It was a messy job. My grass is covered in dried paint as was I! Today is wet, so I took a little break. It needs some more scraping and then a good coat of primer.

While out shopping with my mom yesterday we spotted this piece of coral at Prestige Kitchens and took it home. It adds a little touch of summer to my living room. It works with the white theme I have going on the mantel.

Hope you are all enjoying summer so far!


  1. oooh, love the coral....and the whole white theme, very nice, very nice.

  2. beautiful, I love the white crisp and clean.


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