Thursday, January 28, 2016

Turkish Towel Love.

Our bathroom is small. Tiny really. There isn't room for a towel bar anywhere in the room, except for the wall behind the door. But that would be mean that the door would be always hitting the towel rod each time it opens. This means that we resort to hanging our towels on the stair railing upstairs to dry. It drives me crazy.

The solution was a pair of hooks on the wall behind the door. I chose the Kraus Aura hooks from Home Depot because they matched our hand towel and toilet paper bars. I love their modern simplicity and chrome finish.

Turkish towels, also know as pestemals, are a flat woven towels traditionally used in Turkish baths. They are said to be highly absorbent and fast drying. They make a great beach towels, since they roll up nicely and some people even use them as a shawl or scarf. 

We had some nice white fluffy towels but I questioned whether they would dry out properly if hung on a hook. I decided to try out the Turkish towel route. I'd heard so much about them over the last few years and wanted to give them a try. My parents gifted them to us this Christmas. The grey and white Cabana Stripe are perfect in our bathroom.

The verdict? I like them. They do dry quickly and wash extremely well. I wouldn't call them highly absorbent but they do the trick. Stephane used his once and declared it his last. He said it wasn't warm enough though he may feel differently in the warmer months. I do see where he's coming from but ultimately do like it and will continue to use mine. Although it means I do still have a towel hanging on my stair rail on a daily basis. You win some, you lose some!

What are your thoughts? Have you tried a turkish towel? Is it something you would consider?

*** My mom picked ours up at Cottage Industry in Charlottetown. Last time I was there they had a good selection. 


  1. We have only one bathroom in our house and there are no windows, just a air vent. So our nice thick towels weren't drying completely and got that horrid old water smell. I switched us to the turkish towels and no they aren't as nice as a big fluffy warm towel but they don't stink.

  2. I couldn't get my husband to switch for at-home use, but we all have one for camping and travel. They make a nice swimsuit cover-up too.


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