Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Hello IKEA!

A collective cheer rang out across the maritimes last Friday when it was announced that an Ikea store would be coming to Halifax. The first in Atlantic Canada. I had heard many rumblings the last while and hoped so much that it would be true! For me, it's still a 3 hour drive away but that definitely beats the 12 hours to Quebec that we currently have. Although, I must admit I did love those exciting pit stops at Ikea along our travels. I'd make a long shopping list of things to check out and end up leaving with some of that and more of what I'd discovered while roaming the endless maze that is their showroom.

Ikea has long had the reputation of cheap furniture best suited for dorm rooms and first apartments but it's really time those naysayers take a second look. We mustn't overlook the the stylish, classic and functional pieces that Ikea keeps churning out year after year. Many stylish and timeless pieces will still grace our homes ten years from now. I'm sure of it.

In celebration of the big announcement, I'm sharing some of my favorite pieces. Some I own myself, have recommended to friends and clients and others are on my wish list.

clockwise from top left

A whole collection of dressers, bedside tables, shoe cabinets and wardrobes that are really catching my eye. Simple, clean lines and that classic white I love so much.
I wish I had a spot for this little lamp. 
We have two of the wall sconces in the bunk room and the pendant lights in our kitchen.
The most affordable linen bedding on the market. I'm impressed with ours, considering the price.
I wanted this mirror for our bedroom but understandably Ikea doesn't ship mirrors. Lucky for me,
 I found a similar one at Home Sense.
Everyone needs one of these. Less than 20 dollars and cute enough to leave out.
I use ours at least once a day.
I love this whole Stockholm line and the bench is no exception. Classic Scandinavian styling.

A classic piece for many years now. I've almost bought it so many times.
Big and awesome. I love them paired over an island.
So fluffy and soft. Don't get the cheaper version (Ikea makes two). This one is so fluffy and soft. Perfect for draping over the back of a chair in the cooler months.
I have these in our living room and had another pair sewn into a shower curtain for our bathroom. The grey is the perfect compliment to crisp white walls. 
I keep seeing this table on Pinterest. I have yet to see it in person but it looks pretty great for the price.
Extra seating that is slim enough to slide under a coffee table when you aren't using them. I only have one but they look great stacked one on top of the other.
I love the look of a simple white crib. I know this is a favorite for many moms and dads.

Here are a few Ikea pieces in our home:

These VITTSJO metal shelves flank the piano window in our dining room. They were black and we sprayed them white. Then they became available in white. Isn't that always the way?

RANARP pendant lights in the  kitchen. I love the look but we are in desperate need of more light in there. I used the vintage style bulbs and it's just not cutting it.

More RANARP lights in each of our bunks.

Not the best view but our couch is the Ikea KARLSTAD, which annoyingly has been discontinued. We bought it mostly because we knew we could buy replacement covers, if we wanted to change the color or if Beaufort drooled on it too much. I am really happy with it, just disappointed that they won't be carrying it anymore.

I'd love to hear your favorite pieces. I still have over a year before the store in Halifax opens but we do have a little trip to Montreal planned for this spring so I'll be able to get my fill!


  1. I love my MALM dressers. I have the tall and the long one in our bedroom, oodles of storage and clean and white!

    1. Yes! I have one too! I forgot about those gems.

  2. hello modern jane, love everything.. thank you for the inspiration xo ..tried & true ektorp, but was dreaming of a touch of modern simplicity with a karlstad one day too. found a sweet 2nd~hand ikea sofa for my daughters home in charlottetown after falling inlove with this luxurious velvet slipcover (http://prettypetals.typepad.com/prettypetals/2011/01/ikea-ektorp-sofa-comfort-works-velvet-slipcover-beautiful.html/) & looking for a little balance in the budget. ordered in same grey. l.o.v.e. (if i had one teeny thing about it.. it would simply be that i would have loved a darker grey.. next is black velvet.. considered black & washing it in hot water fingers crossed it would fade.. but that seemed a little risky.. so grey it was) ~ they have for all ikea sofas including.. karlstad. meet you @ ikea! ~ http://comfort-works.com/en/karlstad-sofa-covers-70

    1. Yes the Ektorp is awesome. It's totally stood the test of time!

    2. Yes the Ektorp is awesome. It's totally stood the test of time!

  3. I love this post! This week's announcement is so so exciting! I can't wait to actually take my time at IKEA;) We have the Mockelby table and love it!

    1. Taking my time at IKEA sounds dreamy! Glad to hear you love your table. It's a good one!

  4. I have the step stool you mentioned above and the Hemnes dresser which I love - http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/40242629/#/70242637 - I have a really old solid wood pedestal table that I bought second hand in Truro - so many things really - was able to shop there when they were in Dartmouth the first time - excited to have them back

    1. actually forgot my my ektorp sofa, 2 Expedit (now kallex)and a bunch of Alex drawer units :)

    2. All awesome pieces. I think I'm the rare person that doesn't ahve a Expedit/Kallex.. although I always loved them.


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