Thursday, June 6, 2013

Beaufie's Fence.

Yes, you heard right! After 3 years of being tied up in the backyard, Beaufort is going to be able to roam free! We are putting a new fence along the front if the backyard and adding a gated section across the driveway so that the whole yard will be closed in.

Our neighbors on one side put in a new fence which goes along one side of our property so we figured we might as well go for it now that there was only one section left open. Thanks neighbors!

You can see the old fence to the left of this photo.

Steph took the old fence down on the weekend and dug the holes for the posts, while I was working away on the front door.

Those are some deep holes. Don't fall in Beaufort!

Monday night in the rain, we put up the posts. That's a job and a half, especially when you're working with the guy who makes sure everything is perfectly level:) Made me especially thankful that we weren't doing the whole yard.

It's funny having the old fence down. Countless people have commented on our backyard as they walk by or those who have driven past. It's always been our little hidden oasis behind the fence and now it's open for all to see. We are glad people seem to like it!

Here's hoping it gets finished up soon. Beaufort is very excited! Actually, it's me. He constantly has his leash wrapped up around a tree or a bush and I have to go rescue him. This will be so much more convenient!


  1. I bet Beaufort can't wait! :) I love your backyard too! One day we'll turn our yard into a little oasis... for now we're just happy to have a nice backyard! :)

  2. Nice! I would love to have a fenced-in yard for our dog - she's extremely friendly, but thinks she owns the entire street, so barks at anyone who walks by. We have to keep her on a leash or she would chase them and demand to be petted!

  3. Are you doing the fence in the same style? Or will it have more of a modern look like your backyard? Either way, it's super handy to have a fully enclosed yard.

  4. Your pooch is going to be elated once that fence is up!

    p.s. Found you via IG (:


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