Monday, December 10, 2012

This Year's Christmas Mantel.

I went white with a little bit of silver for my Christmas decor on the mantel. Quite similar to last year. I love the monochromatic look with the little bit of shimmer and shine. I plan to add some fresh greenery and lights but not just yet, as I want the greenery to stay fresh and I find if I put it out too soon, it's dry and brittle by Christmas.

The white feather trees that I picked up at Superstore a few years ago are still a holiday favorite of mine. They find a spot on the mantel each year, usually with the little reindeer and a few Christmas balls.

I picked up this T bar for displaying ornaments at Ikea this Fall. A steal of a deal at $2.99. I dangled a few mercury glass ornaments from it. Isn't the reflection of the Christmas lights pretty in the mirror?

This crazy wiry wreath makes a huge mess of sparkles everywhere when I put it out but I can't resists its whimsy each year.

I finished off the other side with some bottle brush trees, another sparkly reindeer and some branches in a large white vase. It all feels very wintery and fresh :)

Thank you for your kind comments about my Little Gram. Spent the last few days cherishing the memories of the remarkable generosity and love she had for her 14 children, 58 grandchildren, 75 great grandchildren and 2 great great grandchildren. Not to mention anyone who ever had the privilege of meeting her. She was so dear to me and I will miss her terribly, however I am grateful for her 99 years on Earth and her peaceful passing. 


  1. I have the same reindeer. Your mantle is lovely.

  2. Your mantle is beautiful! Where did you get the silver twiggy reindeer? Also, I'm so sorry about your grandmother. What a beautiful life to live for 99 years!

  3. Just found your blog. I must say that I really want a mantel so I can decorate it like yours! I love the white and silver combo.

  4. Absolutely gorgeous...and I can't believe that little stand is only $2.99!!! Total steal and *awesome*! And what sweet words about your gran, and what an amazing legacy that she left (c:

  5. It's so purdy! Saw some feather accessories this year and not very happy about my allergy! boo.

  6. So pretty! What a fun wreath, even if it is messy : )


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