Thursday, December 13, 2012

Our Christmas Tree.

Our Christmas tree is up! Actually it's been up for over a week now but today I'm going to share it. We picked it from a Christmas tree farm and it was my first time doing so. I was a fun to search up and down the rows for one to call your own and I enjoyed it. Mind you they all start to look the same after a while and choosing one is challenging.. at least for me! We found that "perfect" one a few times but then proceeded to make sure there wasn't something a bit better and of course losing the one we liked in the process.

It's not quite the perfect cone, as it appears a bit lopsided on the bottom but once it's up, it never really matters. It's magical nonetheless! Photos simply don't do it justice.

I decorate it with a mass of ornaments. No ribbon, trim or any other details. Mostly because I like the simplicity and because I have a lot of ornaments and I feel it's enough. I've collected them over the years. There are special ones, I've received as gifts and others I've snagged during after Christmas sales. They all share a common theme, clear glass, white and silver. As in recent years, I added a few blue ones for color.

Of course I got a few shot of Beaufort posed in front of the tree. Poor thing. He just sits frozen, patiently waiting for me to finish. A tad annoyed, I believe, but anything for his mommy... or a treat:)

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  1. it looks beautiful! i love the silver and white.

  2. Oh that tree! And oh that cutie pie dog. Delightful.

  3. Your Chirstmas tree is gorgeous! I'm pretty jealous, as our tree is more Charlie Brownesque.

  4. I love the teardrop and icicle ornaments. And of course the pups ain't half bad either. So adorable!

  5. So pretty! We got our tree from a farm this year too - I found estimating the size tricky. I thought we picked out a smallish tree, but we had to trim it down when we got it home and it just grazes the ceiling!

  6. Don't you just looooove the nativity scene? I just purchased mine this season and I don't want to pack it away! Newest follower...I see your fur baby photo bombs too. Take care,



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