Thursday, August 19, 2010

Pure Project #13: Finally Hang it!

Over at Pure Style this week, Lauren is challenging us to hang something we haven't gotten around to. Since I've been off this summer, I've checked a lot of those things off my to-do this. I really wanted this to be the kick in the pants for me to do my planned plate wall. However, I simply can't find plates that I like!
Anyone know any good sources?
Then, I remembered that I had bought a cute print by artist Luke Leunes last week in Charlottetown. It's called Birds on a Wire. Again, bird weakness. I hung it in the office. Which really isn't an office yet because while mostly complete, there is no desk.

In my living room, I've had a blank wall for a long time. It drove me crazy. I tried different things and nothing seemed to work. I needed some color! What I was left with was lots of holes in the plaster walls. Last week, I found this:

It's big enough to cover the holes:) and adds some color to the space. It hangs over my antique barrister bookcase. I hung it last week, but I think it still should count toward the project!


  1. they look so good!!! i love that painting!!

    thanks so much for joining in & can't wait to come back & visit :)

  2. That painting looks perfect there!

    I need to get around to hanging some stuff too...Lauren's post really inspired me to do it but this week has just been super busy!

    Great job xo

  3. I really like that painting. I'm in some serious need of artwork in our home. We have none except for a giant zebra painting. Good choice:)

  4. I really like that art perform. I'm in some serious need of art perform in our home. We have none except for a large zebra art perform. Fantastic choice:)I need to get around to clinging some products too...


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