Monday, November 9, 2015

Life Lately.

Well, I bought a new laptop and feel super organized, in terms of photos (which is amazing btw). Let's see if this gets me back into the swing of things with blogging!

Things have been pretty busy around here. Steph is building a new shed at the back of the house and it's just about finished. I think it looks awesome but he's hesitant to let me share because it's not going to be technically "finished" until spring. I guess you have to hold on for that little reveal.

I'm hosting a holiday pop-up shop with two friends this coming Saturday. I've been making holiday crafts in preparation and having lots of fun with it. My friend Em owns a restaurant so we are hosting it there. She's making some yummy goodies for the pop-up and will be selling pre-orders for Christmas. Another friend, Kim of Kim Roach Design, is joining us with her stationary. Lots of prints, cards, and banners. It's going to be a fun day!

Between Steph working on the shed and me crafting the evenings away, things have been pretty quiet on the home project front. I did order some new fabric from Tonic Living for some custom roman shades. I adore the fabrics. I chose an oatmeal linen for our bedroom and a navy linen for the little den. Looking forward to getting them back from my seamstress!

It was a busy summer with the wedding and the magazine feature so we've been just enjoying getting caught up on our favourite shows (Homeland, Last Man on Earth), reading and getting back into our regular workout routine.

Speaking of workouts, this fall I ran my first half marathon! Emily and I started our training together at the end of July and ran the PEI Marathon at the end of October. I was pretty proud of us! Of course for finishing but mostly for sticking to the training program. The jury is still out on whether or not I'll ever do another one.. :)

Beaufort has been busy being is cute little self. Sleeps all day and snuggles all night. Good life! I'm looking forward to getting my own holiday decorating done. I'll get the pop-up over with first and then start thinking about how I want to approach it this year. I'll definitely be keeping it simple for sure.

I'll be back tomorrow to share some new photos of our dining room!


  1. Congratulations on the half marathon! I have ran a few and they are mentally challenging! Love the wooden house cut outs in the first photos - those would be perfect for my classroom's storytelling workshop!

    1. Thanks Barbara. That's true! They would be great for the little ones.

  2. I've enjoyed seeing peeks of all the projects you've got going on for the pop-up shop. Hope its a success!

  3. Love your style and Blog ....very impressive !!!


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