Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Our Backyard.

A few years ago, Stephane and I totally revamped our backyard space. What was originally a blank canvas with one lone tree in the middle of the yard and a tired looking shed in the corner, became a private little oasis for us to relax in.

Over the course of two summers, we build a deck around the tree and connected it both to the house and the entrance to the backyard with wooden walkways. The deck was surrounded with load upon load of pea stone and we planted lots of lush grasses, succulents and shrubs. We also built a modern style fence to close in the yard which gave Beaufort the freedom to run around freely.

I was not on the ball this summer and didn't take many photos of the space. Luckily, our photographer from our East Coast Living shoot, graciously provided us with the ones he took. I'm so happy to have them!

You can see a little glimpse of our fence in these photos.

When I look back at the photos from the beginning here, here, here and here, it's now neat to see how it has changed. The plants and flowers have grown full and lush, the deck, walls and fence have been stained in rich brown tones and our grass is healthy and green.

photos by Stephen Harris Photography

That's the fun part of blogging. Being able to go back and look at where your projects started, the process, the finished product and how they evolve over time.

Come back tomorrow and see how this whole space was transformed as the site of our wedding this past August!


  1. would love to know where your house numbers are from!

    1. We just bought them at a hardware store and mounted them onto a piece of steel.

  2. Love your backyard its a like a retreat!


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