Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Modern Macrame.

We are getting closer and closer to finishing the bedroom makeover. On more than one occasion, Steph has muttered: "I hate this room. I really do." It's not that it's not a great little space (it is), but that it's been a royal pain. I feel like we say that about a lot of projects (how quickly we forget our recent bathroom reno!) but this one in particular has thrown us a few curve balls. The walls are painted and the trim is up next. I'll take a photo this evening to share with you tomorrow. It's a million times better than what we started with!

The little room gets the most sunlight of all the house. I like to keep the door wide open so the light floods into the hallway. I think we would be amiss if we didn't put some life in there, in the form of greenery. I've recently become intrigued but the return of macrame. What intrigues me is that while it fits so perfectly in a vintage decor setting, it works equally well in a modern space.

At first I thought it would be a perfect little diy project for me to take on. Seems simple enough. I found a couple of great tutorials online. I think they are all equally awesome.

Throughout my search however, I did discover some great hanging planters on Etsy. I especially love buying things on Etsy because I know that I'm supporting independent artisans rather than big box stores.Plus, I figure they can likely do it better than me!

I am especially enamored with The Vintage Loop and will be ordering one from there rather than going the diy route. The seller is Canadian which is a bonus!

Here are some of my favorites from the shop:

The only question is whether I should go classic black or white or be brave and add a pop of color to the space! What about you? Anyone jump on the macrame bandwagon lately?


  1. I have not gotten on board yet, but I do think they would make a lovely touch in the right place! I personally love black... go figure!

  2. I am currently in the process o\f making one of my one that holds 3 mini pots, but haven't finished yet. However I had to favorite this store because I love that neon yellow one. I want to add some brighter colors to my house so hopefully I can find a spot for it. Thanks for sharing!

    1. I love the neon yellow! So fun.. am I brave enough?:)

  3. I have the perfect spot for one of those in our entry! I may need to look on Etsy to see what I find! :)

    Angela @ Number Fifty-Three

  4. You think like me! Love Etsy - especially for a project like that. And there's such pretty pottery out there too made for macrame. Maybe white and you could always dye it later if you needed?

  5. I vote for pop of colour! The bright ones really have me drooling!

  6. Go bold! The red one with the little knots is just fabulous!

  7. I've been thinking about it...It look so cute, but I feel like it would just look wonky in my won home://


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