Wednesday, February 26, 2014

My Love of Food. In Print.


I grew tired of the print that was hanging in the kitchen for the last few years. When I bought the Keep Calm Carry On print it was somewhat unique. Then for the last couple of years it started popping up everywhere. Prints, mugs, t-shirts, the whole works. The time had come to ditch it and try something new.

Old photo from the kitchen, circa 2010.

I called upon my friend Kim of Kim Roach Design for help. I had seen a print she had made for her holiday party and thought it would be a perfect replacement. She was able to have it printed to fit perfectly into my Ikea Ribba frame. 

I flipped around the matte in the Ribba frame so that it would be crisp white instead of the creamy white that they usually feature. I love the bold black print, it really adds a fresh, modern touch to the kitchen.

Be sure to check out Kim's Etsy shop, Little Lovely Details, to pick a print of your own. She has some amazing stuff!


  1. I love this, Jane. So cute, so fresh. Perfect for the kitchen!

  2. I do love this print too! Cannot wait till someday have all these displayed in the 'dreamplex'

  3. I have to admit I really still like the Keep Calm's - but wow oh wow I LOVE your new print -
    ( and can I tell you about my obsession with radiators? haven't had them for years now but just love everything about them !!! )

  4. The Keep Calm and Carry On unfortunately got played out. But I love your new print!

  5. Love that print! Don't you hate it when something you like gets popular like that? It happens to me all the time with baby names. I fear for my future children- they're getting something wacky no one else will have. LIke Apple. Oh wait. THat's taken.

  6. In LOVE with that print! SO gorgeous. And agreed on the Keep Calm print. I had to pass mine on to my parents' guest room... I just couldn't do it anymore, haha

    1. Oh! Clicked through to her shop after I commented and realized that I bought one of Kim's prints for my boyfriend for VDay! I got it at Inkwell in Halifax and she mentioned it was from an artist in PEI. Love that local connection.

  7. This print is perfect, and I love the sleek framing! I'm never a fan of overpowering the art with the framing

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