Thursday, February 13, 2014

Bedroom Plans.

There is a room in my home that you've never seen before. I've shared my master bedroom, second bedroom and the den but there is actually a fourth bedroom upstairs in our house as well. Surprise! Now that the bathroom has been renovated, this room takes the title as the only room in the house that has not been touched since the day I moved in.

I'll take some proper before photos but just so you have an idea, it's a small-ish room and still has some dated yellow floral wall paper and a decent sized closet. I did have the floors refinished when I moved in but have otherwise ignored the space. We currently have bunk beds in there for when the kidlets come on the weekend but it's really quite sad looking. They don't seem to care but we said we promised we would spruce it up this spring.

Steph's plan is to build some "floating" bunk beds. He has a plan mapped out in his mind. Which simply means that I am not totally sure what the plan is but I'm thinking something along the lines of these.

Once he completes that project, it will be my turn to decorate it all. I'm thinking modern and minimalist in grey and white. We could have the option of adding more color with pillows and artwork but for now, I love the black, grey and white.

Here is my inspiration board for the space.


I'll paint the walls my favorite white (BM Chantilly Lace), once we've dealt with the wallpaper. Unfortunately, the wallpaper was applied over bare plaster, many years ago, and will be an absolute pain to take down. This is the sole reason for why the updating of this room has taken so long. We had the same problem in the master and it was an awful experience so I've been putting it off.

It likely won't be till spring, as Steph is travelling some for work in the next month or so and it may be too soon after the bathroom renovation for me to nag:) It's still fun to plan!


  1. These images are so incredibly fun! Love the idea of floating bunk beds. Looking forward to seeing Steph's vision come to life.

  2. Love it! Better start looking for those sconces now, though, they're sold out everywhere.

  3. I never thought I'd say it, but those are some sophisticated bunkbeds! I really like the simple woolen blankets too.

  4. Love the inspiration! You should check out the Beaver Canoe line at Target - it's very in keeping with your inspiration!

  5. Oh I love that color sophisticated and serene. Can't wait to see your progress!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

  6. Those bunkbeds in the first photo are incredible - must need massive wall anchors! And yes, I found out from Ikea, that there is a production issue with those lights and they are unsure when they are coming back in stock. But they aren't discontinued - just a wait which works with your timeline anyway.

  7. I'm loving the inspiration board for the room! It's right up my alley with stripes and clamp lamps. I love decorating kid spaces - now if only I could apply similar interests to my own bedroom finally! :)

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Love hearing from you! Thanks so much :)