Thursday, November 21, 2013

Demolition & Inspiration.

Thanks for your comments yesterday on the reveal of our one lone bathroom and the good news that it's finally going to be renovated! Many of you swear that you have a bathroom that rivals mine on the ugly scale and I'm sure there is lots of doozies out there! Feel free to send along photos.. I'd love to see them!

I neglected to mention the fact that this is going to be complete diy project by us (Except possibly tiling. We'll decide when we get there). And by us, I mean Steph does most of the work and I pick out all the finishes. Kidding.. actually, I've been pulling my weight! Going up and down the stairs with 10 gallon buckets full of debris and out to the dumpster has to count for something, right?

We still have a toilet!

We are currently still in the demolition phase and have come across lots things that leave us scratching our heads. Pink plaster with a carved brick pattern? A random pipe jutting out of the wall behind a piece of trim? A box that looks to have been a recessed medicine cabinet.. for someone 7 ft tall? A big hole in the floor under the tub? And the list goes on..

The fun part for me is going to be picking out all the finishes and fixtures. I've pinned a lot of photos on my Pinterest board of bathrooms that I find inspiring for one reason or another but I have yet to make many decisions.

Here is what we know for sure:

  • We have to put in a tub/shower combination. There is no other option considering resale of a home with one washroom. There certainly isn't enough room to do both separately.
  • I really want a rain head and a handheld. Lindsay's post leaves me hoping I can have both..
  • Choosing the right tub was important to me. While it's not set in stone, this is the one we're going with. I love the modern flat apron and square inset. 

What we don't know is:

  • Can we change the footprint? Crossing our fingers on this one and won't really know until the demo is finished and we see what we are dealing with.
  • Should we do a glass door instead of a shower curtain?
  • What are we using for tile? I'll all over the place on this one.
  • How on earth are we going to add storage in that tiny space?
  • Will I have to go with a pedestal due to space restrictions? I'm not a fan.
So many decisions to make! In one sense, it makes my head spin but in other ways I very excited for the challenge! For now, I'll leave you with some of my favorite bathroom renovations from some of my very favorite bloggers. Keeps my eye on the prize:)

Aren't they beautiful? So inspiring!


  1. Such an exciting project! I love a glass door - they're really not too hard to keep clean and they just look fresh and clean - my 2 cents. ;)

  2. Oh my - I'm honored to be an inspiration!! Thank you :) Our old bathroom had a pedestal sink, which was one of our major issues. We didn't have any storage around the sink which drove us crazy - something to consider. And I agree with Carmel, our new glass door is really upkeep free. We keep a (dollar store) squeegee in there and wipe down after each shower - those 10 seconds do the trick! All your hard work will be worth it - I can assure you from our experience that enjoying your "after" will feel heavenly! Love seeing the progress!!!

  3. So exciting. Our bathroom Reno is by far the biggest change we've made! We debated glass for the shower but thought it would make it harder to bathe kids. So we did a curtain and then glass at the end of the shower, which I love. We were able to bump out a wall so we could replace our pedestal sink with a vanity (also a great improvement!)

  4. those big rain showerheads are awesome! I'd love one... we have a detachable shower head and it is excellent for shaving your legs, haha

  5. It'll look so good when it's done!! I think everyone has a room they keep 'hidden' (ours would be the laundry room) but thankyou for keeping it real!! Can't wait to see the after :) xo

  6. Thanks for the mention Jane! And kudos to you and Steph for doing most of the work yourselves. Looking forward to following along. PS I love that tub and today I am posting a bathroom I did where I used it. I showed a sneak peek on Instagram too.

  7. I love your inspiration pictures. Can't wait to see what you decide!

  8. All beautiful! Good luck with the reno - we're planning to update our bathroom in the spring, so I'll be watching to see which fixtures you choose :)

  9. Your bathroom pre reno is a dream compared to mine! Look forward to seeing the finished product. I admire your willingness to take this project on your own and Im sure it will be beautiful when finished.


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