Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Living Room Sputnik

We got a new light in the living room! Very exciting, since we weren't even actively looking. I really loved the Ikea Maskros that had hung there for the last while, especially the shadows that it cast on the ceiling. Also, the scale worked really well in the large space. The problem was that it's lone bulb didn't give off nearly enough light to the space. I had been wanting something a little different for a while now. Something a little more grown up, perhaps?

We spent last weekend over in Moncton and did a little shopping. I was looking to spend a gift card on some new lamps so we were perusing the lighting aisle at Home Sense. Steph came across this light but I was skeptical.. the box was small but on the photo the image of the light in relation to the room was huge! I had a hard time believing that all that light could fit into one little box. Needless to say, I didn't find any lamps on that trip but I came home with a new pendant light for the living room.

I was happy to see it installed one evening when I came home from my Crossfit class. What a guy! Of course, I had the job of screwing in each little piece. An annoying little job but it started to take shape slowly but surely. Those would follow me on Instagram got a few peeks at my progress.

The dimensions of the light are not quite what was promised on the box and it certainly feels much smaller than the Ikea light. At first I thought it was too small but I've gotten used to it. If you really squint your eyes, you could say it somewhat resembles this similar Anthropologie pendant but at a fraction of the price.

Next up, we have to install a dimmer switch. We always complained that the living room had no light and now it's almost blinding with with all those bulbs! Feels a little bit like a hospital with the light on at night so we've been leaving it off and surviving with a couple of lamps for light.

For my Maskros fans, don't despair! The light is now hanging in our little den upstairs and it makes the space feel so cozy! Enough so that I may even start hanging out up there!


  1. THAT was at HomeSense? It'a amazing. i think i must go now as soon as it opens!

  2. It's gorgeous, I think I could deal with the size! :)

  3. Its freaking gorgeous!!! Amazing you found it at Home Sense!! We installed a small sputnik light in our toddlers room (Land of Nod) and it looks amazing, sometimes I go in there just to turn his light on, lol :)

  4. Great find! I love the modern touch it adds!

  5. I love it! You have such an awesome lighting collection!

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  7. The new light fixture looks fabulous!

  8. What a great Sputnik light fixture. We don't have Home Sense here in New York City. Can you please tell me the manufacturer of this light fixture so I can see where else they sell these??

    Many Thanks,
    New York City, New York

  9. Could you please share the manufacturer of this pendant? I absolutely love it!!


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