Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Summer Updates.

You may notice in this photo that we got the new part of the deck stained. The walkway from the gate entrance/driveway to the back door was added early this spring onto the existing deck that we built last summer. It flows so much better now that it's stained to match the rest of the deck and contrasts well with the new fence.

This morning before the rain hit, I went outside to capture some shots of the completed backyard. Unfortunately, this girl needs some lessons on white balance (photography terminology for you those who are wondering). Those rocks keep coming up white in the photos and they are not certainly not white. I'll work on it and try again.

I did get some sweet shots of my boy though. Bear with me while I share some of his cuteness.


We are pretty much joined at the hip this summer. What else is new? Love my boy!

I planted succulents this year for the first time in a pot outside. They are starting to spread and just may be my new favorite thing. I'll definitely be picking some up for inside the house too. I've heard they are hard to kill but I have to see it to believe it. I haven't had much luck with indoor plants although my fiddle leaf fig is still alive and well! Knock on wood.

This has been the summer of visitors for sure. We've had a steady stream come to the island from all over. None have actually been staying with us but it keeps us busy nonetheless. Lots of projects on the list of things to do but spending time with family and friends in the summer on our beautiful island always trumps everything else. I like it that way!


  1. Looooove the succulents. Great photo, Jane!

  2. Your new deck looks incredible! Happy summer!

  3. Your backyard and deck are amazing!!! Love how modern & cozy it feels :)

  4. I think the photos turned out beautifully. Especially the one of the succulent.

  5. Oh I love your backyard! What sort of wood did you use for your deck? We are going to lay a deck next summer and we are debating wood or trex {which I hate!} I love me some succulents too! Have lots of plans for those in the backyard next year! But my fiddle fig is so not doing well! Maybe because I don't water it... ha!

    1. We used pressure treated wood. I would love to have cedar but it wasn't in the budget!


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