Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Golden Goodness.

Okay. So for a while I've been following the resurgence of golds versus silvers in interiors and fashion with great interest. It's now becoming a bit of an obsession for me. As in, I loooove it! I want to bling out my kitchen cabinets with gold hardware, add brushed bronze lighting throughout, heck, I want to dip everything I own in gold!

However, reality sets in and more than likely none of these things will happen. Which is okay. For one, I really am content with what I have already. Two, I'm not entirely sure gold/bronze is here to stay. Steph assures me it's just a trend but I think it has a little bit more staying power than he gives it credit.

The trick, I believe, is adding little accents around your home that keep you on trend, without the commitment or breaking the bank. I've rounded up some of my favorites. Affordable pieces that will work with what you have already. Remember... mixing metals is okay. In fact, it's awesome!

What do you think? Are you on board the trend? Have you starting adding hits of gold around your home or are you hoping it will fade away so you can go back to loving your chromes and brushed nickel? (which I still love, although it's sounds like I've jumped the fence)

I'll be back again with some of my favorite simple DIY projects from around the web that bring a little golden goodness into your life!

Lastly, thanks so so much for all your enthusiasm about our engagement! Each and every comment made me smile:)


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  2. I would love to get that flatware!

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