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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

New Bar Stools.

I'm completely smitten with our new bar stools in the kitchen. I had sourced a few online and through a local store but hadn't taken the plunge and placed an order. We spied these at Winners one day last week and knew they would be perfect, especially at $129 a piece!

You are probably wondering where I need bar stools in the kitchen? Ah! A little secret I've been keeping from you. We needed more storage and counter space so had a new cabinet custom made for the little space we had. It's been great and totally changed the way we use the kitchen. I want to share it with you all but there was a little problem with its construction and we are still waiting for it to be fixed up. Hopefully soon and if not, I'll share regardless!

Here is a little look of them in the room though!

Anyhoo.. back to the stools. We had a few requirements on our hunt.

1. Steph wanted something somewhat modern in design.
2. I wanted them to be white.
3. Had to be counter height. (which eliminates a lot of options!)
4. Comfortable.
5. No skinny legs that would mark up our soft, already scratched floors.

So far we are enjoying them. They are very comfortable and I love sitting with my glass of wine while we are preparing supper. Hopefully they will hold up well.

Today was a snow day here on the island. I was able to get lots of marking done and doing a little planning ahead for Language Arts. Always a good feeling to get caught up!

Last night I got around to watching the finale of Downton Abbey. I'm still sad about it. So is Beaufie, he seemed depressed all day. Why would they do that to us? Weren't we through enough this season already?

If your in the storm zone, stay safe! 


  1. They're awesome. I love how unique they are!

  2. They look so great! Nice and sleek! Can't wait to see the new place where they are stationed :)

    And yes, Downton. I have yet to watch the finale (I'm a bit behind) but have heard many people say the same! Gotta get caught up! Enjoy your snow day!

  3. LOVE THESE!! What a fabulous find. Can't wait for the big reveal!!

  4. Gorgeous! I love the combination of white + wood + chrome and I can't believe you found them at Winners - lucky! And yes, I can't imagine what the next season of Downton will bring :(

  5. SO sleek and COOL! I love them!

  6. Wow! Those are fabulous. I love the wood grain and the chrome!

  7. oooh those stools are so shiny and chic!!! LOVE! and i didn't want downton at all because i knew it would eventually leave me and it would create a hole in my heart. so i just avoided it all together.

  8. They are so fabulous I am speechless!! WOW.

  9. Gorgeous stools! Can't wait to see the kitchen goodness! As for marking, I feel your pain. I am spending my weekend writing report cards, ugh!

  10. Love the stools but the picture of your doggie is killing funny!!

  11. OMG, those are EXACTLY what I want. I sold our bar stools for our island about 6 months ago and we have nothing because I can't find what I want. My family is getting so mad at me but I just haven't seen anything like these. Wow, I hope I can find them out here. Gorgeous little nook you've created.

  12. Please please tell me where you found these! I am so in LOVE! Great compromise... although I don't think any of your compromised!

  13. Sexiest stools ever Jane and Steph!

  14. THOSE stools! seriously!! SERIOUSLY!!! AWESOME!!

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