Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Dining Room Vittsjo Shelves.

A little late on the post this week! As promised, here is a peek at the Ikea Vittsjo shelves I put in the dining room, on each side of my white sideboard. You may recognize them from a lot of the awesome posts around the web where they are spray-painted in a gold or white. I've left mine as is and quite like them that way.

They flank the piano window and provide lots of storage for my little collection of trinkets. There, I said it. I have a lot of trinkets! I feel like it's okay if they are on shelves in a organized fashion. It's entirely possible that I am trying to justify this fact. Very possible.

 It's hard to get a shot of them in the whole room but here is my best. I'm still working on the styling but it's coming along. Thinking I need some color somewhere but I seem to always have a different project on the go and never seem to get to it!

Once I get them the way I like them, I will share a more detailed look!


  1. That is a great collection of trinkets! ;) Can't wait to see more of the dining room!

  2. Just found you on your blog! I've already repinned you a couple times :) can't wait to read more!


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