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Monday, November 19, 2012

Ellen's House ~ Part 2.

You may remember a few months ago when I helped Ellen freshen up her family room and kitchen? We transformed her space into something fresh and airy all the while keeping it family friendly. Then, a couple of months ago, Ellen contacted me again. This time for help with her living room and bedroom. I enjoyed the process so much the first time, that I was game to tackle another one and got shopping!

Ellen, knew she didn't want her living room to be considered formal. Rather, a space, where she could escape on her own to read her book and maybe watch her own television shows, an escape for a busy mom of two boys.

Here is a before shot of her living room:

We had the walls painted in Benjamin Moore's Revere Pewter. (A tad beige on the chip but a true grey on the walls - just what we wanted!) and she purchased some new tables and a white slipcovered Ektorf sofa from Ikea. All the windows where dressed with white lined breezy drapes. A few accessories and it's a brand new space!

Still to come is a new rug and two Strandmon wing chairs from Ikea. I've been obsessed with them since their release so I was thrilled when she agreed to using them in the space. They will sit against the back wall with a little black garden stool between them.

Next up is the bedroom. Here is the before shot:

We had the walls painted out in Benjamin Moore's Coventry Gray. Similar tone to what she had before but we steered away from the green and went with a soft blue grey that gives her the spa feel she was wanting for the space. All the furniture stayed and we just added new bedding and a few accessories.

It was darker in there, so challenging to take good shots, but it's feels quite soothing and restful. The bedding is West Elm's Organic Diamond Texture (I wish I had the time to press it!) and the throw pillows were added in. The mirror above the bed and the lamp were Winners finds. The white linen curtains are just awaiting a new curtain rod.

I found some black frames on sale at Zellers and used them to frame a set of pretty art prints to hang over the console table. An easy inexpensive project for a large wall.

Ultimately, I think Ellen was happy with the result. She likes simple, classic styling without too much clutter and that's what we ended up with. Actually, I left feeling like I have a lot of stuff in my home and I enjoyed the simplicity of hers. New Year's resolution? Who am I kidding? I love my "stuff"!:)

I'm so happy she has it all finished for the holidays! Time for a party! Thanks for letting me share, Ellen!

I'll be back this week with a recap of our trip to Montreal. We did some shopping!!


  1. Gorgeous job, Jane! The gray walls give it nice sophisticated look, and I love the Ikea pieces you chose!

  2. I'm considering Coventry Grey for my own bedroom. Looks lovely!

  3. Great job! The makeover is so peaceful and inviting :)

  4. what a great job! love that mirror in the living room!

  5. Oh, it all looks amazing. Two of my favorite gray colors. What a beautiful way to freshen everything up! Thanks for sharing.

  6. I saw that mirror above the bed and kicking myself I didnt buy it!

  7. I absolutely love both spaces! You did an awesome job bring everything together & I can't wait to see what those wing chairs look like!

  8. Ellen's living room and bedroom look fantastic! Grey is such a great colour to use when you're going for a soothing & relaxing vibe in a space. If Ellen ever decides she wants to add some colour, grey is the perfect backdrop - everything goes with grey! :-)

  9. I am in love with those chairs too! I want them so badly, but the hubs vetoed them! I love the changes to the space... fresh and clean!

  10. I absolutely love both spaces! I love you blog!!!,

  11. Great before & afters! I love the wall colours and those pillows on the sofa. I want those chairs!

  12. absolutely gorgeous! so jealous of your great opportunity ;)

    love people who are adventurous enough to give up some control...

    it turned out great!


  14. It looks amazing! Great job - as always!!

  15. Love this living room. I have loved every room I have ever seen in revere pewter. However, I recently purchased a sample of revere pewter for my own home but had it mixed at Lowes in valspar paint. I painted sample boards but the color looks horribly pukey. Has lots of taupe and green undertones and is much darker than it appears in the pictures I've seen. Do you think it was just a bad mix? Should I just forget about revere pewter for my home or should I try a ben moore sample? Just some questions you may not have the answer to but I am so looking for a gray that looks like revere pewter does in all the pictures I have seen of it. I realize every home shows color differently but my sample comes nowhere near what I think revere pewter should look like. Any suggestions?


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