Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Upcoming Trip and a Project Mishap.

In a couple of weeks, Stephane and I are headed to Montreal for a little getaway. I'm excited to spend some time with him and see some of our family, eat at some good restaurants, and stroll around the streets of my favorite Canadian city (actually I love Quebec City too!). But hey, who are we kidding, I am crazy excited to shop! As much as I love PEI, we are seriously lacking in the shopping choice department. Getting to a big city to shop is very good news for me. Even Steph mentioned that he needs so new clothes, which means he is on board!

I heard the best news every yesterday. Anthropologie has opened in Montreal! Just in time for our arrival!  It's pretty much the biggest dose of inspiration you can get in the form of a store. I am there with bells on!

We will, of course, be making the trip to Ikea. It's a very big event for us maritimers. Considering the closest store is 1100 km away from Summerside. Hoping to find some good stuff there as well!

In other news, I spend a lovely evening with a client last night in her cozy home. It's really coming together, with the new soft grey-blue wall (BM Stonnington Grey) and the new fireplace. We spend some time accessorizing the fireplace and some more shelves. Check out that fire. It really made me want to get mine going this year. Can't wait to see her new roman shades in place on those windows!

We can laugh now, but there has been a little bump in our project plans...

Her couch finally arrived after being ordered way back in May and it's PLAID! Seriously! Apparently, it took so long because the "fabric" was on back order. Now we have to wait for it to arrive again, this time with the proper fabric. I mean seriously.. it's blue and green plaid. We can kind of laugh at it now.. I think we have arrived there but it took a while:)

I stopped on the way to check out a beautiful sunset. It's so peaceful there. Hope your week is going well!


  1. Yay for Montreal! I love it and my Aunt and cousins live just outside in Brossard. Its so nice over there! Haven't been in a few years since I live all the way in Louisiana, but I'm missing my family so I think maybe next year. Hope you have fun and share some great spots you visit!

  2. J'adore Montreal! Amuse-toi!

  3. That sunset is gorgeous!!! And I'm pretty sure a trip to Anthropologie can fix just about anything...even a plaid sofa...seriously, what were they thinking???? (c:

  4. Hi Jane,
    I've enjoyed reading your blog for the past year. I was in Mtl last week and dragged my husband to Anthro 3 days after it opened. Unfortunately two things happened while I was there.
    1. My husband was with me.
    2. They were testing the alarm system! I was attempting to soak up the atmosphere while ignoring the alarms and my husband's concern that there was a fire. Finally he went outside to wait, but he had already waited outside while I hit Ogilvy and Forever 21, so all I was able to grab was a mug and run. You will love the store and the stone wall behind the cash is picture-worthy. Hopefully they have the alarm issue fixed and you can browse in peace. You must go to Simons.

  5. bahahah. plaid sofa.

    i wouldve felt offended. really? YOU think ID ever pick THAT?!?

    I didnt know they still made plaid ones! teheh

  6. I will get a simple black or red couch I think.
    They sell covers too.
    In our old apartment which was furnished the apartment lent us hideous looking sofa but man was it comfortable


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