Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Here and There.

I've been pretty darn productive the last couple of days, if I do say so myself. I was feeling the "I'm going back to work soon" crunch and it gave me a kick in the pants to get moving on some projects.

While I don't have a completed project to share with you today, I'm giving you a glimpse at a few things that will be appearing on the blog in the next while!

I bid adieu to my green front door. I loved it and seemed a reader favorite but I like changing things up!
I knew exactly what color I wanted to paint the door but I decided to be thrifty and paint it a color I had on hand. I promise it's not Grover blue like it appears in this photo, however I'm not sure I'm digging it. I'll live with it a few days to see if I warm up to it then likely go buy the color I originally wanted!

We've got one chair recovered! We decided one a night was sufficient. 
A bit more time consuming than we anticipated.

I just may have got around to hanging a gallery wall behind my couch.. finally! I even cut out all the templates and mapped it out first. I'm generally not much of a planner but I'm glad I took the time.
It includes my new buddy the ram.. or maybe he's a mountain goat? Either way, I adore him.

One coat of stain on the front porch floor. I was happy to be finished then remembered I have to do it all again. Tomorrow.

Lots done but all the while my mind is starting to drift to school mode. I am taking on a new challenge this year, moving from grade two, up to grade six. I felt it was time for a change to get me re-energized but I'm a little bit anxious about it.

Students start back 2 weeks from today! It will actually be nice to be back into routine. Fall is my favorite season and I'm looking forward to wearing cozy sweaters and jeans, new school supplies, crisp cool nights for sleeping and pumpkin spice lattes.. love it all:)


  1. I'll be door painting myself here soon. I let my readers choose a color for me and now I'm really nervous about it--it's dark orange! (What did I get myself into?!) But I'm like you, I'm sure it won't stay that color for very long.

    Good job getting all your projects started and good luck with getting them finished! Lookin' good:)

  2. ooh i think the blue might be fun! can't wait to see.... and i love your ram. i have some ram-envy going on right now.

  3. Wowzers! You really did get into it! I love the way the blue looks, but I guess I shouldn't get too attached yet, huh? (c: And the chairs are turning out *perfect*...can't wait to see the whole thing together!

  4. I've repainted my front door so many times, I'm surprised it still closes! I love the colour now - Sherwin Williams Oceanside. It makes me smile every time I come home :-)

    Love your chair, and I suspect your gallery wall looks pretty fantastic :-)

  5. Can't wait to see everything! Could you please come to my neck of the woods and give me a kick in the pants...I need someone's productiveness to rub off on me!!

  6. Hi Jane - I love the blue door - you are so much like me... I just did the same thing by trying to use paint I already had instead of doing it the way I really wanted to (impatience!). I love all your new projects. Isn't it great how a deadline (having to go back to work) will step us into gear to get things done? I looked at all your projects earlier but didn't have time to comment - I love what you did in your backyard and especially love the changes you made with your porch. You must be thrilled! I can't wait to see how your door turns out :D

  7. Oh, the color you chose for the front door is gorgeous!!! Show us more photos! Loving the fabric pattern and color for chair cover! Good luck with staining the deck! Its going to look fabulous :) Have a great weekend Jane!

  8. Wow you sure have been a busy lady. I am kind of waiting until next week when the kids are back at school to get my jobs completed. Enjoy the last bit of holiday time!

  9. Love the blue and the gorgeous ram! I'm thinking of painting my front door a deep magenta pink. Can't wait! xx

    Anna (My Design Ethos)

  10. Oooo...can't wait to see all these projects revealed! Congratulations on accomplishing so much!

  11. Oh my... it would take me weeks to accomplish that list of things. Good for you!!! Thanks for the well wishes on my new adventure - it's back to work for me too! Next week is a big week :)


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