Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Update on Outdoor Pots.

I promised and update on my outdoor pots. They are coming along. I guess you could say I'm somewhat happy with them. I try so hard each year but never seem to achieve that beautiful abundant look that I see around.

Here were the pots when I started. I guess they've grown a little!

I guess you can tell that I ended up adding a little color. I found these fuzzy purple flowers at the garden center. They didn't have a tag and I'd love to know what they are called. They are sweet and seem to be doing well.

We've been doing lots of planting outside and slowly finishing up the deck. It's hard to believe there wasn't a deck out there last year, we spend most of our time out there, especially on these hot days.

I'm off to my mom and dad's.. my sister got home last night and I can't wait to see her! Two weeks of sister time! I may even put her to work:)


  1. Gorgeous, as always! Enjoy your sister time!

  2. The flower's name is ageratum and it is so pretty. I think your pots have great texture, but also that one larger/taller bloom as a focal point might be what you are looking for I'm using zinnias for this purpose for the first time this year and it seems to be doing the trick. -Linda

  3. I think they look great! Love the purple flowers you added too :)

  4. Jane, your pots are looking beautiful. The Ageratum is lovely. We used some this year too alongside simple almond & vanilla scented heliotrope

    If as another follower suggested you want some instant impact and height don't be afraid to use what would be classed as 'indoor' plants for you summer outdoor arrangments.

    Its a trick we use all the time.

    Bon weekend.


  5. Oh i love those yellow flowers! they are so beautiful! Thank you for sharing this amazing post with us!


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