Monday, June 11, 2012

Thank You & Weekend Photos.

Thank you all for your wonderful feedback on our Style Me Pretty featured styled wedding shoot. It was so much fun to do and I'm so glad you all loved it! I'm still basking in all the positive comments and pins!

It was a quiet weekend around here. Baking, cleaning, watching the rain, drinks with friends and anxiously awaiting the return of True Blood and the finale of Mad Men! We saved them for tonight so don't tell me what happens! I can't wait to get my TV fix. Love those shows!

Here are some snippets of the weekend in photos.

My latest Annechovie print arrived to add to my collection! 
I now have four and they will be hung together in the dining room. I'll share a photo soon.

Beaufort was loving life in the late afternoon sun. 
A decision has been made to perhaps invest, next summer, in an invisible fence. Our new deck is really not leash friendly. We are forever untangling his leash from flower pots and deck corners! 
Any thoughts on these?

Sunday morning snuggling.

The first blooms on my rhododendron and peony bushes. 
I've been checking them every day and finally they've arrived!

I usually get a big scoop of black mulch for my gardens but this year I found a sale on bags of mulch. It ended up being cheaper and so much easier than loading up a wheel barrow. My gardens look so much cleaner. I LOVE mulch!

I finished up the last book in the Hunger Games series. Although, I had a hard time getting into it, I actually ended up liking it as much as the first. I often try to ignore the hype when it comes to books but they really were good reads! 

June is a busy month for me with the end of the school year on the horizon. Plus, my focus has been on spending time outside, working in the gardens and finishing up the deck. As a result, posts about my own home projects may be a bit slim the next couple of weeks. I'm happy just to keep this place tidy!


  1. I hope you'll consider a real fence for your doggie rather than an electric fence. It's more humane for your dog, and more fool proof in terms of keeping your dog secure in your yard and keeping other things (like deer or wild animals) out of your yard while your dog is in it.

  2. Good point Jenn. We have had many people recommend them to us but maybe we should do some more research first!

  3. You are incredible! I just saw your feature on Snippet and Ink, and it's amazing. :) Congratulations!

  4. Hey Lady,

    I have a great dane that we take to our lake lot (which has no fence). I preferred the option of her being zapped to her being hit by car so we got her an invisible fence, which works okay (i think i've been zapped by it more than my dog has) as i feel the need to keep testing it out to make sure it's working. Anyways, it works fine for normal days but 2 things:

    1. she became afraid of being on the grass in general for fear of being zapped so she just stayed on the deck.

    2. if she was really excited by a stranger in the yard or a bunny running, she would just run right over the fence, it seems like if they are amped up enough, they don't even notice it.

    i would say not worth the $300, but ok if you have no other option

  5. Love your flower shots Jane. So pretty!!!

  6. Love the garden pictures. I need to get out and mulch too. It really does clean everything up. Thanks for the introduction to Annechovie. Look forward to seeing your collection of prints.

  7. Hi Jane, I have always loved that Annechovie print, yesterday I was reading on Anna Spiro's blog that she was thinking of changing the fabric for something more subtle!! I love the vibrance of that print!

    I also had a more difficult time getting into the last book in the Hunger Games series. I am bad and it has sat on my bedside table for almost a year... Maybe I will pick it back up though if you say it is worth reading??

    Beautiful blog!


  8. Your flowers are beautiful, and Beaufort is such a cutie :-) We have a fenced yard for our dogs, so I don't have experience with invisible fencing. It would probably make like easier for you not having to untangle Beaufort from the pots, and I'm sure he'd love the freedom of running around the whole yard :-)

  9. What a cute pup!

    Definitely do your research first! Not all types are the same, make sure you use the actual invisible fence company and don't try to do it yourself. They have trainers that know animal behavior and train the dogs to stay at home and not get "zapped". My neighbors needed it to keep their two dogs in their yard. They use to "take themselves on walks" as they put it.

    PS. It's just static, not an "electric fence". Like I said do your homework so you feel comfortable using it and make the investment to do it the right way.

  10. Beaufort is such a cutie. I love the photo of him snuggling in bed, he looks so cozy and your peonies and rhododendron are gorgeous, so vibrant.

  11. I agree with Sharon. We've had an Invisible Fence for 14 years as do all of our neighbors because we aren't allowed perimeter fences. Do get the real thing and DO follow the instructions. There are a few dogs I'm sure that would prefer to get "zinged" and run through but that wasn't the case for us. And the real thing won't cost $300, it'll be well over that.

  12. And...a big advantage is that it keeps our dog from going out the front door as well even though he doesn't have access to the front yard (the wire is run along the edge of the house and then there's a small loop at the front door that keeps him on the porch.)


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