Wednesday, June 27, 2012

In Love...

With this kitchen, seen on the June cover of Dwell magazine.

I love the contrast of the traditional white cabinets, apron sink, arched doorway and windows against the sleek clean feel of the kitchen island and the fun modern bar stools. I suppose I could take or leave the lighting, a bit too modern for my tastes, but the pop of orange is fun and unexpected.

We are on the hunt for an island for the kitchen. When my brother built my kitchen cabinets, the plan was to go back later on and add a matching island. It was a plan that I knew would never happen, my brother is a busy guy and I count myself lucky (and thankful!) that I got what I did! 

That being said, the lack of storage and counter space is becoming an issue and it's time to get a proper island in there. That small sideboard isn't cutting it anymore.

The plan is not to match the kitchen cabinets at all. We thought about going wood but ultimately stainless is in the lead. I love the industrial look. The first photo I shared totally sold me!

I love this Ikea UTBY island, seen in this simple modern kitchen designed my Cameron MacNeil. Unfortunately, it is no longer available. It would have been perfect!

If you know of any sources or having any suggestions, I'd love to hear them! We love stainless but have also considered industrial workstations. After looking at all these photos, I desperately want to paint my kitchen white. That's a subject for another day:)


  1. I was just at ikea in MN yesterday and I could have sworn that I saw an all metal island card. It may not have been the one you pictured, but I'm 99% sure I saw one. Another option might be a commercial kitchen store, or perhaps even building a wood base and have a stainless countertop made to fit.

  2. love that kitchen! good luck on the hunt!

  3. What about a restaurant supply store? We have one in London (Ontario) called Longo's but I don't know what is available out east. You could do a little internet searching...

  4. I totally feel ya on the not enough storage and counter space in the kitchen! We have the same issue...but I *LOVE* the stainless island idea! It's such a great combo the traditional white kitchen with the industrial vibe, so awesome!

  5. that kitchen photo is gorgeous!! I like your idea of incorporating stainless steel, and the idea of looking at a restaurant supply store is genius!

  6. Gorgeous kitchen! Love the white cabinets, dark window frames and the touch of industrial. Good luck finding a stainless island. It will be the perfect touch for your kitchen.

  7. You should totally do it white! It's such an amazing trend and it will be around for a LONG time. I really like the last picture with the stainless steel has a really "fresh" look to it!

    Here are some amazing 2012 kitchen trends if you are interested to know more ( Enjoy!

  8. I saw that cover on Dwell magazine last weekend and I love that kitchen, beautiful. But it really bothered me that on the front cover, there was a white microwave awkwardly placed in one corner. Did you notice it? Haha.

    I think a stainless island will look wonderful in your kitchen!


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