Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Follow Me on Twitter & Facebook.

I suppose it's about time! I finally created a Facebook page and started using my dormant Twitter account. I recently upgraded from a standard cellphone to an iPhone 4s and find it so much easier to manage it all. You can like my page or follow me on Twitter by clicking the links on the right sidebar.

I need 2 favors, pretty pretty please.

1. Share you favorite apps with me! I am currently using Instagram and love it but I need more!
2. Cases? I know that to be safe, otterboxes are the way to go but let's face it, I am shallow and want a cute one. I need suggestions!

Of course, a photo-less post just isn't fun, so here is some Pinterest pretty for you.

In other fun unrelated news, PEI was voted #2 for Best Foodie Getaways around the world! This is exciting news around these parts! Check it out here.


  1. I got the most fabulous iPhone case for Christmas. My husband ordered a personalized one from Erin Condren designs. Its wonderful and get tons of compliments on it!

  2. You definitely need "Where's My Water?" - but beware: It's adorably addicting!

  3. Read it Later, Drop Box, and Evernote are my favorites and most helpful apps.

  4. honestly-- I've dropped my phone so many times that I would never use anything but an otterbox. It's definitely not cute-- but I'm not taking any chances!!
    Oh, and you need to get the house & home app on your phone. Long waits in the waiting room are fun now that I can watch their online tv episodes :)

  5. With four kids the app "Cozi" is a must have in my life. My husband and I both have iphones and either one of us can add things to our schedule or to shopping lists or to do lists. I also have teenagers so they can also add things and we are all able to check in to see what is on everyone's agenda for the day. Check it's free!!

  6. Words With Friends! If you like scrabble even a little you'll love this game. It's basically Scrabble but you only make moves on your own time. Wonderfully addicting. Enjoy the new media!

  7. I've heard words with friends is fun! Also, Pinterest on the iPhone! Great blog - happy to have found you!

    XO - Jami
    Imagine Design Blog

  8. I just read about Evernote in House Beautiful and added it to my phone. It allows you to take photos and use that as part of a list. So for example, if you saw something in a store that you want to post about, you can take a picture on Evernote and write a quick note.

    I also really like Grocery IQ, which allows you to make lists for tons of different stores.

  9. Welcome to Twitter! And I LOVE that last photo - with the great mirror over the fun blue buffet!

  10. I love all of the pictures you posted! I am going to have to follow you on Pinterest too! I'm new to the apps as well... so I can't offer much in that area. Let everyone know what apps you find!

  11. Those kitchen chairs and table look like mine!
    I did a blog post about them recently:

    If you have an iPhone, do not get your cases anywhere but ebay. You can get awesome ones anywhere from $1, including shipping! I have a couple, and it is super fun to change them - it's like little outfits for my phone!

    In terms of apps, if you don't have, get it. It is a great budgeting website that categorizes your spending automatically. They also have an app, so you can track and access on the go.

    If you are a runner, get the Nike+GPS app. It tracks your time, speed, distance, and gives you words of encouragement along the way.

    Slacker radio let's you listen to stations by theme, but also has the option to play similar music to your favourite artist or song, kind of like Pandora. For all the Canadians out there, or fans of Canadian music or programming, CBC radio has an app. I like to listen to CBC radio 3 streaming. They also record podcasts that you can listen to later.

    StumbleUpon and TED have free apps, and are sites I love.

    SomeEcards is hilarious. My friends and I love to send these to eachother. (Yes, dorky, I know.)

    Savage Love, an unconventional love/advice columnist, Dan Savage.

    Starbucks app. You can now pay with your phone, and track your rewards.

  12. Glad you're on Twitter now. Was looking for you when I tweeted about your guest post. Am now a follower!

  13. Check out this DIY iphone cover one the cheap. I've done this to my own iphone 4 and LOVE it! Also a good option for changing up the case when you get bored.'

    I LOVE your blog, by the way!

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