Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Love = Fashion Illustrations.

I took an interest in fashion illustrations a few months ago and treated myself to an Esther Bayer print.

Source: via Jane on Pinterest

I still think it's delicate lines and soft rose colors are absolutely gorgeous. Amidst the chaos in my home right now, I caught a glimpse of it sitting patiently on my new bookshelf. Waiting for me to clear the clutter around it so it can be on display. (My beloved new bookshelf has become a drop zone for anything without a place...)

My interest in fashion illustrations has become more like an obsession. I've been scouring etsy looking for more artists to love and there is no certainly no shortage. Here are some of my favorites.

Esther Bayer (From PEI!)

They are all so beautiful. I just want to order them all! Especially considering that most of these prints are less than $30. I will show some restraint though :) We don't have room for anything extra. Operation: Find a spot for everything! Fun, fun!

On a side note. One home that features some of these artists and is absolutely stunning is the home of Christine Dovey from Bijou and Boheme. Her blog is definitely worth a look. I'm so sad I missed her appearance on Steven and Chris! Seriously, she's the bomb.


  1. Great art! Just saw some of these at my local fabric store and was drooling.

  2. I love Jessica Illustration...I want her peacock print!

  3. Thank you for posting this! I have wanted one of these prints for so long! They are beautiful...I love watercolor. I agree, with having to show some restraint...oh, the decisions! haha!

  4. Ah you're so sweet to mention me/my blog- as you know, I have a GIANT fashion illustration addiction so you had me at hello with this post- some of my absolute favourites here!!

  5. Those are pretty lovely! I love the one you have and the one you posted right below it.

  6. Wow, these are really gorgeous -- I'm on the etsy shop now and I can't stop drooling!
    ♡ Lexi
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  7. Had a wonderful stroll through you blog. Thanks for commenting on ours so we could find you!

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