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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Vintage Finds.

I mentioned on Monday that we spent an afternoon on the weekend hunting down some sweet finds at the antique stores. It's one of my favorite ways to spend an afternoon and I'm lucky that Steph enjoys it too. We picked up a perfect little piano bench for our entry makeover and spotted a few more fun things as well!

This little jumbo elephant stole my heart. He needs a home in a baby nursery stat! Call me crazy but I've been seeing them in baby nurseries everywhere! I like the rattan but he could be spraypainted any color you like.

See what I mean!

Source: via Jane on Pinterest

I've seen this one before and I still love it. It would look so gorgeous in a large porch or entry. Note.. it's doesn't have the flower detail like the one on the left. Thank goodness.

This little chair would be cute with a new coat of paint and seat.

I love large glass bottles. If it were a softer green for a light blue, it would have come home with me. Most defnitely.

We loved this vintage tin hockey game. We looked it up and discovered it dates back to the 30s. I like that it's in rough shape. It could be hung on the wall in a little boy's bedroom. Or big boy's room too!

I love the look of a painted scroll mirror. I was on the hunt for a while and couldn't seem to find one. This day, I found two! Lately, I am loving gold but the finish on these was a little too Liberace for me. 

I would definitely paint them like one of these beauties.

It's been a bit of a busy week, with report cards due. I'm out to a workshop for the next couple of days. I hope to at least get the front entry primed sometime soon. My sweet friends Emily and Grant are getting married today in Las Vegas and I get to watch it live online! Tonight is dedicated to them and a glass of wine. I can't wait! So excited to see them!

Have a wonderful day everyone! Looks like the first snowstorm of the season is brewing here, in the maritimes. We'll see!


  1. I do like the elephant - it's too cute! The photo with the mirror over the crib - disturbing. Sorry, mine was a little monkey and if that ever fell....

  2. I had been looking for the perfect bench for my entryway recently and ended finding a white piano bench. I love it! Love the clean lines and I can even use the inside for storage!

  3. I love the elephant! And letting faraway guests watch your wedding online is such a cool idea!

  4. Antique shopping is so much fun. That elephant is precious and it would look cute in a nursery.

  5. Love that mirror. It is so glamorous. Love great antique finds.

  6. some great finds! I love wondering the antique stores!


  7. The elephant is so cute and those mirrors are perfect and painting them would be a must for me too!

  8. That is some great stuff! I *love* both those mirrors you I guess I'm more on the Liberace side??? (c: ha! And I actually like the gold, too...double whammy...apparently I need to get up to Canada for my shopping! (c:

  9. What great finds! I adore that mirror. :)

  10. Sweet finds! My husband would LOVE that vintage hockey game hanging on a wall somewhere...shoot, so would I. Antiques shopping is the best. Enjoy your weekend:)

  11. The rattan elephant is very inspiring. And the mirror are so lovely. I love your posts today.

  12. I don't have a nursery anymore, but I still want that elephant!!

  13. LOVE the elephant! I dont have kids but i would still love that lil guy! Great finds!

  14. Those looks like some awesome finds. I love the wicker elephant!


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