Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Revisiting The Sideboard.

Remember the sideboard my sister scored at Coulson's?

We knew it could be transformed with a coat of paint. After tossing around some color ideas, she decided to play it safe with white. I think that in this case safe was absolutely the right choice. Keep in mind that she has yet to put on the new black hardware.

I think it looks perfect in her living room against the pale green-grey walls (Tower of London by Para Paints btw... so pretty!)

She is a great gardener so we swapped jobs one day. She cleaned out an overgrown side garden at my place and I styled some surfaces at her place. I get great pleasure out of making a pile of accessories then putting it all together in a pretty way. We scored the lamp at an antique store for cheap and she gave it a couple of coats of yellow spray paint. Isn't it a great pop of color? Draws your eye to the Bruins book too... a little personal touch. Her husband is a HUGE Boston fan.

I think it turned out great but who am I kidding? I love painted furniture! I took some more shots of fun projects around her home so I'll share more later in the week! 

Tomorrow I'm bartending at the Elton John concert here in town. How is that for lucky? Hope I can catch some of the show! :)


  1. Love this - I'm a big fan of painted furniture too! The white really shows off those great details.

    Just found your blog via danielle oakey interiors and started following :)

  2. This looks fantastic. It will look striking with the black hardware. Great lamp shades (as in color AND shade) and beautiful styling.

  3. I love the white! I sometimes am lured by bright colours but turn to white ALOT.

  4. Safe is more than OK in my book and white is perfect for this piece - it's fabulous! And you did a great job styling. I wish I could swap with someone one of these days. I love Elton too!

  5. Looks great in white and if she ever gets tired of that it would look great in a bold colour as well. That birch tree painting is gorgeous as well.

  6. It turned out so gorgeous...I especially love it with those pops of yellow, a brilliant color choice (c: And I'm pretty partial to the styling...someone super talented must have done it, hehehe (c:

  7. This turned out great and love all the details!

  8. I just found you via oh goodness, I don't remember where I was...anyhow I'm glad I was there, I'm enjoying your blog and following. I have a dresser much like this in my bedroom and I've been sitting on it trying to decide what to paint it...white seemed so obvious that I dismissed it as boring, but this dresser looks so amazing I'm thinking I might go that route. Merry Christmas

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  10. Measure up before you go shopping. It's not just length you have to worry about - ensure the sideboard is not too deep or causes an obstruction, and if there's shelving above the area, leave plenty of room underneath.


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