Thursday, March 24, 2011

Trois Amours ~ Flights of Whimsy

I'm so happy to welcome Brandi today from Flight of Whimsy to share that three things that make her house a home! I recently disovered her blog and love her artwork.. so pretty!

Hey there Modern Jane Readers! It's Brandi from Flights of Whimsy! I'm new to Jane and her blog so I was delighted when she asked me to participate in Trois Amours series! I love making new friends in the blogosphere.

My #1 love right now is my formal dining room. It's the only mostly finished room in the house so naturally I'm smitten with it!

My husband and I bought our 1980's ranch almost two years ago and the decorating process has, at best, been very slow. Partly because I wanted to take my time figuring things out, partly due to lack of funds and partly because of all the DIY projects it takes!

The table was a clearance purchase from Pier 1, my mom and I made the curtains with fabric from Mood, the chairs I purchased on craigslist and repainted and upholstered them.

#2 Amour is the striking Art Deco mirror I got for a song.

It was a score from my old boss when she moved back to NYC. I bought it along with an amazing dresser for a mere $200 for both!

It's had many locations throughout the house, but I think it's here to stay on this wall in our living room. I just love how unique and striking it is. I probably could have never afforded it from a vintage store so I feel especially grateful to call it mine.

And lastly #3 (it's so hard to choose!) is this painting I made.

See a tutorial on how to make this here!

It's the first piece of artwork I have ever really done and I couldn't be more happy with the results. It was mostly an experiment that I was fully expecting to go horribly awry. Like other things in my house, it hasn't found it's permanent home yet but since purple and gray are my favorite colors it can happily saunter from room to room in my house! I've since made another version for Christine from Bijou and Boheme that turned equally fantastic.

Thanks for having me Jane!


Thanks so much Brandi! Hop on over to her blog and check it out!

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  1. Brandi's artwork is so fabulous... I remember seeing it on B&B! That mirror is stunning, and love the dining room drapes!

  2. I love it all!
    Great job on your first attempt at making Art, it often looks easier then it seems. Love the floors in the dining room and the high cealing. Chairs and table are stunning! Great curtains as well, have you ever considered letting them simply hang?
    Once again great job Brandi and keep up the great blog Jane!


  3. The pink in that drapery is my fav!

  4. I don't know how I missed this post yesterday, but I think I'm in love with her! You can pretty much win me over in *any* room with b&w (those chairs are rad) and that art deco mirror just might go missing from her house...and end up in mine. FABULOUS!!! And last (yes, there is more) that DIY art is so fun and cool! I wish I had at least one, tiny artsy bone in my body, but alas, I will just have to drool over this one! Brandi, you are one talented lady!

    Happy Friday!

  5. Wow, I so want to try that painting! Amazing! Love the blog.

  6. I love her drapes and the stripes on the dining room chair...lets not even talk about the mirror! It's so it!!!!!


  7. What a great series this is.

    The dining room has so much texture and the colors are so perfect for this time of year.

    I will certainly be heading over to her space and also catching up here.

    Mr. Goodwill Hunting

  8. What a great idea for art - thanks for sharing!

  9. That mirror is fabulous. And I'm off to see how she made that great piece of art work!


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