Monday, March 14, 2011

A Little Monday Inspiration

Hi everyone! The sun was shining here yesterday and the snow, that I thought would last forever, was quickly melting away. Sure signs of spring!

We took a walk along the boardwalk and met dozens of other dogs, all happy to be outside enjoying the sunshine. The rest of the day, Beaufort found whatever sliver of sunlight he could find in the house and sprawled out. Ah.. a dog's life!

Guess what I woke up to this morning? SNOW! .. patience.. the forecast looks like things are warming up soon:)

A lot of the weekend was spent glued to the television, watching the devastation in Japan. It is so hearwrenching to see and sure makes your count your blessings..

For the last while, I've been collecting images of rooms featuring my new favorite color: navy blue. It pairs well with so many colors. White, red, pink, coral, tan, brown, green, yellow and I could go on...

It's such a classic and timeless color in both decor and in fashion. I still remember the dress I wore to the prom in grade 11. Navy blue in the front, white in the back. Fashion forward for the time! :) If it still fit me, I'd totally find a place to wear it!

Here are some of my favorite images for some Monday morning inspiration!

massuco miller


black - poole

sarah richardson

diane bergeron
source unknown 

decor pad

I hope you all have a wonderful week, full of sunshine!


  1. Oh I love that 6th image...that blue wall makes me swoon with all that white.

  2. What beautiful inspiration pics! I love the first one!

  3. I honestly love them all. I'm thinking of doing a navy dinning room in the new house. Thanks for the amazing inspiration!

  4. I'm glad to hear the the snow is melting in PEI... it feels like just as we are having a bit of a reprieve from the snow here, we get a giant storm to top off the snow banks.

    I absolutely love the large pillows on the sofa of the 2nd photo... Now I'm off to hunt down a similar pattern for my bedroom :)

  5. I'm ooooohing and ahhhhing over all of them! I really love that first one - the wallpaper is so striking and pretty. (P.S. my bridesmaids wore navy dresses, so I too have a soft spot for navy). ;-)

  6. Really enjoy it with the apricots.
    Preppy, happy yet sophisticated!

    PS- walks on the boardwalk? Sounds like a lovely weekend!

  7. Happy Monday! :)

    Great inspiration shots! I absolutely adore that fourth photo down of that gorgeous dining room. Thanks for sharing!

  8. What beautiful rooms. Definitely great inspiration.

  9. What great Monday inspiration, indeed! That nailhead chair with the Ikat cushion was gorgeous.

  10. Beautiful spaces! I am also a fan of navy blue and plan to paint our office walls in that color this spring! I think we're going with hale navy by benjamin moore!

  11. Ooh, that Lonny image has my heart fluttering. That is perfection to me!

  12. What great pictures. I love that first room!

  13. I too am a blue girl, I love those deep, rich hues!! *Amy


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