Monday, March 14, 2011

A Home With History

Is there something in your home that reminds you that it has a history? Reminders that a family once lived there before you and memories were made?

Sometimes those reminders are unwelcome. Like a terrible vinyl wallpaper you can't imagine anyone would ever choose, or terrible appliances that you can't yet afford to replace.

Then, there are the good ones! Mature trees planted in the yard, or a gorgeous antique light fixture.

My home has something that is a constant reminder of what once was. I walk over it several times a day:)

sorry about the glare!

Any guesses about what it could be?

Here is the story:
This home once belonged to a relative of a good friend of mine. His father told me stories about evenings they spent sitting around the fire in the living room. My favorite story is this one...

The gentleman that once owned this home was a dentist. Due to deteriorating health, at an early age, he decided to move his practice into his home and treat only children. The chair was set up in the dining room. The patched holes in the floor are a reminder that it wasn't just meals that were served in this room, but tooth extractions too!

I've since been told by others that they remember coming to my home for dental work. When we were renovating, we came across small glass bottles of Novocaine in the window sills!

My floors may not be perfect, but I wouldn't change it!

What about you? I'm curious. Is there anything in your home that is a reminder of what once was?


  1. This is so neat! My husband's grandparents' house used to be the town "hospital". Their laundry room used to actually be the operating room. Weird, creepy, but really cool all at the same time!

  2. I found a letter in my house written by some children in 1952! I treasure it!

  3. Oh wow I love the history- A dentists chair, if only you could happen uppon a picture of that, would make for a great before and after LOL. XX Samantha

  4. too cute! we haven't found anything quite so charming in our house (just some lazy craftsmanship here and there :) ). What a fun history

  5. I love your story. Stories like these are one of the many reason I love older homes with histories. We have two gorgeous crystal ceiling lights that are original to the house, but older than the age of the house. I would love to know their story.

  6. There's nothing like an older home's history! Thanks for sharing that story with us:)

  7. That's what is fun about older homes. My basic builder home is great, but I wish it had more character!

  8. Aww...what an awesome history! It's so fun to hear about those things and remember the different lives of a home! Unfortunately, our home is a rental and the only stories we have heard about ours is the crazy hoarder who lived in the house before us that left an entire *CAR* in the garage piled under a load of crappola when he left...nice, right? (c:

  9. We just got rid of most of the reminders of the former maid's quarters, including the servant's staircase. We renovated our kitchen and 80's-addition bathroom, but also included converting the old maid's bath (above the kitchen) into a proper master bath. We did, however, manage to leave the staircase inside a built-in pantry area. So, any future owners can open up the lower cabinet and see the stairs. We use them for shelves. We were also able to salvage the floors beneath, but don't have such a charming story as yours.

  10. My home was owned in the 60's and 70's by a school teacher. The storage closet shelves have handwritten masking tape labels for 3rd grade arithmetic, spelling and art projects. Over the years, the labels have shriveled and dried, so recently I applied clear varnish to preserve them. A few years ago, the woman contacted me to ask if she could come by and take pictures of the house for the life book she was making for her great grandchildren. What a treat to meet her!

  11. That is SUCH a neat story!!! The only stories I have about my house like the back of our garage...and it's more creepy than anything else! :)

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