Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Welcoming Baby Harris!

Over the weekend, we hosted a baby shower for our good friend. It was held at our friend Lindsay's house, who is the eternal hostess. She goes all out everytime and never disappoints! I had to work the night of the preparations, so I can't take the credit. She and our friend Virginia were up all hours ensuring that everything would be perfect.

I knew it would be great, but they really did a terrific job and I had to share. They are pretty excited about having their hard work featured on Modern Jane:) So make sure you let them know how great it is!

Virginia and Linds xo

The diaper cake turned out amazing! It was even topped with fresh flowers embellished with gems.

Yummy chocolate cupcakes!

B H = Baby Harris:)
These were take home gifts for the guests.. a little flower on the way out with a tag stamped with an H!

Adorable sign welcoming the soon to be here baby!

And of course the beautiful mommy to be! Less than two weeks until her due date and looking amazing! We can't wait to meet the little one!

So what do you think? Didn't they do a great job?


  1. they did an amazing job!! what great friends ;) the soon to be mommy definitely is looking oh so pretty! hopefully when I'm preggers one day I'll look like her ;)

  2. that diaper cake looks fabulous!

  3. Everything looks lovely! That diaper cake is fantastic!

  4. Jane- I just adore that diaper cake with the flowers. That's so creative! My friend is pregnant and I can't wait to do something cute like that (: So fancy and sweet!


  5. Great job Girls! Jen is looking amazing and that diaper cake looks good enough to eat (well maybe not that good lol)
    Em xo

  6. I love seeing baby showers that aren't overly "baby cutesy" and completely baby themed. This was chic and classic - and the diaper cake was probably the best I've seen.

  7. I love the little flower takeaway! Sweet and something people will like to have around their house.

    Great job!


  8. Wow ladies, great job! Everything was soooo beautiful, just like the mommy to be....ummm, are you sure she only has 2 weeks left?


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