Monday, January 10, 2011

Guest Blogger ~ Honey and the Moon

Welcome to day one of my guest posting series on Design Trends! I am thrilled to welcome Carly from Honey and the Moon. She was one of my first followers back when this blog started. She had started a blog of her own and while I loved her blog, I also was smitten with her Boston Terrier named Moose:) Isn't he just the sweetest?

Thanks so much Carly for participating today! You should all head on over and check out her blog! She is currently doing her office and I'm anxious to see it finished!


Hi y'all! I'm Carly and I blog over at Honey and the Moon
I was so honored when Jane asked me to be a part of this series, she is such a fantastic blogger isn't she? That's what I love about the blogging world, getting the chance to meet so many sweet, talented, and inspiring people. I am so happy to be here with all of you today.
There are so many trends that I am excited about seeing in 2011, and of course some trends that I am happy to be saying goodbye to. We'll start with the good first, here's what I'm looking forward to in 2011.
Global decor.
While this style has been around for some time, it doesn't seem to be going anywhere, and I am so excited about that. There's something so beautiful about the culture behind these pieces.
 Hammered metal.

I love the texture in these elements. You get the clean look of metal, but still a small amount of interesting texture. Did you know that they make hammered metal spray paint? Just might be something we should all check out sooner or later.
Now, onto those trends that I'm ready to say goodbye to. This is just my opinion, so don't get too upset, if you love what I dislike. The great thing about interior design? We're all allowed to love whatever we want. 
So the first thing I'm ready to say goodbye to?
High gloss paint. 
I'm sorry, I just don't think I can make myself like any any color. I don't think this trend is really going anywhere though, but I can still say goodbye right? Maybe you think you can change my mind on this, feel free to can email me a picture.


Yes, yes, I know that at times poufs can be very exotic and global, but I'm just kind of over them. I don't think they're all that practical. Besides, even if I liked them, I don't think I could ever own one with two crazy dogs running around.

Thanks again to Jane for the opportunity to post here at her wonderful blog and big thanks to you for reading this post! I'd love to see you sometime over at my blog. Stop by and say hi...I'd absolutely love it.

Images via lonny mag, decor pad, world market, and notebook magazine. x


  1. I love CArly's blog! And hammered things are so beautiful!

  2. I completely agree with the global surge...afterall it IS happening in my house with my DH sake set {argh} this little series. :)


  3. PS: Thanks for including a pic of my Moose man, we just love him. x

  4. We've long been inspired by urban art and have finally created a collection that pays homage to this secret addiction of ours!


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