Sunday, December 12, 2010

New West Elm Light Fixtures

People have been asking about what light fixtures were hiding in the boxes that I ordered from West Elm.

It has taken me a while to post about them for a couple of reasons.
#1 When I called the West Elm store to see if they would ship to me, I was surprised when they said yes. Therefore, I placed an order without really thinking it through. "You will? Um okay.. um I'll have .... and um ..."
I ordered the cluster pendant for over the staircase, without considering the length and where the light box was located. Of course, when it arrived it was too long and you would hit your head on it if you were walking down the hall. Not practical.
So, we shortened all the wires and it worked out okay. Actually, more than okay. It may presently be my favorite thing in the house.
#2 The fixtures were all globes. Cleaning them has been a nightmare. They looked great when the light was off but with the light on, a different story. Not great, considering they are used to light a room! No matter what, they were streaky and full of fingerprints from the installation. Finally, a little vinegar and water and a lint free cloth did the trick.

So, without further ado, here they are!

What do you think?


  1. OMG--gorgeous and they look so one of a kind. Love your taste...

  2. they are lovely! great choices!

  3. definitely love them! definitely statement lighting


    I'm dying for some of these, but i don't think West Elm ships to canada. boo

  5. oh, never mind! I see you are from P.E.I you just opened a whole new can of worms for me, hehehe

  6. I've never seen anything like these! Love them!

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  8. HI! I am wondering how you shortened the cord on the West Elm Globe Pendants??

    Thanks so much!


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