Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Pillows Sewn by ME!

I did it! I learned to sew... well at least a little bit! Enough to make a couple of pillow covers:)
My sister was home, this Christmas, from Ontario, and I made her promise that she would "help" me sew some covers with the fabric I ordered from By help, I meant that I would watch and learn while she make them. Just kidding.... but, being the teacher she is, she instructed and I did most of the work!

She couldn't understand how come she had learned to sew at school and from Mom, but I hadn't. I remember making a tote bag and a pair of boxer shorts in grade 8 and 9, but I think that was the last time I touched a sewing machine.

I'll admit, I don't think I could thread the machine without using the manual, but I'm sure I'll learn soon enough! The hardest part was not the actual sewing but rather measuring and cutting. The first one was too big and we had to redo it a bit.

me cutting the fabric:)

Mom's trusty old sewing machine.. does the trick!

Here's how they turned out. While not perfect, not bad if I do say so myself!

I think next time I would made them a bit smaller. I left an inch seam allowance, but IKEA pillows are not super full, so I think you could get away with none at all.
And, here they are on the couch in the office.

I may be addicted now... where else do I need new pillows?


  1. I love your fabric choices. You'll be sewing all kinds of things now that you've learned the basics!

  2. sooo lovely!

    great fabric patterns!

  3. Love them! Can I send you some fabric so you can sew some for me! I just bookmarked that same green chevron at I love them as much as you do!
    Happy New Year!
    xo xo

  4. It was a fun day! I love the look of all the pillows together. Time to freshen up in my house....of to the fabric store today!


  5. Wow those pillows look great! I love the colour combination together also.

    Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog so I could find and follow you :)


  6. Those pillows look great! Love all those fabrics.

  7. They look great Jane!!!

  8. The pillows look amazing Jane!

  9. Great pillow covers!!! i love all the fabric you chose! and great blog design too! just found you follower!! xoxo

  10. They look great!! I'm hoping to learn a little about sewing this year..although I do worry that I'll make more pillows that my house can hold. lol


  11. I love these pillows! You did a great job sewing. Good work! Just clicked to follow your blog.

  12. well done!!! and I love your fabric choices!

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