Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Dwell @

I love fabrics. They make me happy. I often buy them, even if I don't have a use for them. Years ago, when I had a passing interest in scrapbooking, I had a similar love affair with patterned paper. I liked shopping for and buying paper more than I actually liked to scrapbook!
I've struggled finding fabrics on PEI that I like. I guess that is why when something catches my eye, I snatch it up. I love graphic prints, flirty florals, and especially geometric prints. Thankfully, I discovered a few months ago that ships to Canada! It is very frustrating for us Canadians that most stores in the US won't ship to us :( ahh.. poor me!
The shipping isn't cheap but the cost and selection of fabric mostly makes up for it. This week, I realized that they now carry fabric from Dwell Studio for Robert Allen. This makes me happy, happy, happy.. here are a few samples.
I like this one so much, I'm showing it in 3 different colorways!

And some more fabric goodness for you to enjoy.

Each fabric is only $15.98/yard at Head on over and check it. Just don't buy it all! Leave some for the rest of us.. ie.. me :)


  1. You're like me, love the paper more than the actual scrapbooking! I recently discovered fabric and am in love. I ordered from and was very pleased with the purchase. That first fabric is my favorite!

  2. LOVE all of these -- I have swatches of a few in my purse right now

  3. Am just looking at buying some of this fabric and stumbled across your note - any chance you remember how expensive it was for the duty?


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