Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Local Antique Shopping

My sister, niece and I spend the day yesterday scoping out the local antique shops for some unique finds.
While I truly appreciate a quality piece of antique furniture they don't always fit into my budget. My father refinishes lots of them and I am lucky to have a few on loan. I love perusing the shops in hunt of affordable pieces that just need a coat of paint or a little TLC.
We discovered some great pieces at decent prices. I think anyone from around here needs to get out shopping asap! Seriously!
Here are some Riverview Antiques finds:

This lamp was kinda dusty and the shade is terrible but I think it is beautiful!
A little polishing and a simple new drum shade and it could be fantastic.
Price tag? $59.00

There are 4 of these faux bamboo bedside tables.
You could paint them with a glossy paint in any color... white, black, or even yellow or orange!
Price tag? Unfortunately, a little overpriced in my opinion... $110.00 each.

Super cute side table.
Price tag? SOLD Sorry my sister bought it! She plans to paint it black.

Great legs on this coffee table. It also has a raised edge. It would look great painted.
Price tag? I can't remember :( But affordable!

A great bench that nearly came home with me.
It would be oh so nice in my front entry with a freshly upholstered seat.
I left it there though for you. Too expensive.
Price tag? $169.

Cute magazine rack. Painted of course.. Are you seeing a trend here?
 I look at everything and envision it with a fresh coat of paint.
Price tag? $69

Then we headed to Coulson's. I didn't get a chance to ask any questions about prices because there were closing up shop. In my experience though, Mr. Coulson is very reasonable.

Look familiar? I'll bet the price is a little better too.

I'm sorta regretting not scooping up this little guy. I'll see how I feel in the morning and what he costs!
 Potential don't you think?

Not shopping at local antique and used furniture stores is sometimes a missed opportunity. You can pick up some great things and revamp them to make them your jive with your own style. Often they are better quality than anything you may find in a box store. Plus, it feels so great when you upcycle!

Remember that the prices at these stores are rarely firm so don't be scared to push for their best price. It usually always pays off.

Of course, there are a few items I left out because I want them for myself. I would be a sad girl if one of you went out and bought them. I guess you'll have to go see for yourself! 

 So what about you? Anything good in your hood? :)


  1. Hey I came too you know!!


  2. I am having second thoughts about the lamp....I may have to go back for it!


  3. Ahhh, I also envision EVERYTHING with a fresh coat of paint...sometimes I just wish I could snap my fingers and the piece be painted...its exhausting! Great post Jane!

  4. We have great antique stores here in Houston but I haven't checked anything out lately. I think I need to go soon:) I'm on the hunt for some decorative items right now.

  5. I also think about EVERYTHING with a fresh protect of color...sometimes I just wish I could click on my arms and fingers and arms and the product be colored...its exhausting! Excellent submit Jane!


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