Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Living Room Art.

No too long ago, I was looking for your help in deciding which Minted print I should order for the living room. I ended up choosing the Emily Jeffords print called Mid-summertime. All of her prints are incredibly beautiful and I'm sure I could find a spot for any of them in my home. The colors and her painting style are so soft and soothing.

The Mid-summertime print pairs well with the other prints that I've included on the picture ledge. "Les petits poissons" is a little print that I've had for years. I finally framed my "Salt Water Cure" print, a little quote I find endearing. The little square print is one of my own photos from our trip to the Tulum ruins, printed with Social Print Studio.

The soft moody colors are perfect in the living room. I'm due to share an updated tour of the space. Since we painted the walls white, the rest of the room has really evolved to included lots of soft blues and grey tones.

I used a white wash frame from Indigo's gallery wall line. I had to trim the print a little bit to fit but it worked out well. The wall still feels a little bare over the couch but I have plans for a couple of other things to add to the mix.

Overall I'm happy with the prints but like I said, it needs a little more. I'll share an update soon!


  1. Hi Jane. It's nice to 'meet' you. I've been blog hopping and I found you. I love the prints you've chosen and I agree, it is very serene... definitely soothing to the eyes. You know, I've been thinking of adding a picture ledge to the wall in my living room for a while now, but for whatever reason, I've been dragging my feet with the idea. Seeing your pretty prints has me thinking about the picture ledge all over again. Thanks for the inspiration. I really enjoyed my visit to your blog. Have a lovely day... :)

  2. fine and cool. minimal and lovely. I am a little biased though as I like soft colors and not-too-much contrast generally. I think those prints go nicely together too.


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