Monday, February 16, 2015

Minted Art ~ Help Me Choose.

It's Islander Day today but unfortunately everyone on the island is confined to their homes at the tail end of a huge snowstorm. The winds are still quite high and the plows have yet to hit the road but hopefully soon we can start the big dig out. Last time I checked, our cars were completely buried in the driveway. I don't actually remember ever having this much snow. Thank goodness for snowblowers!

Inevitably, when cooped up in the house, I start mentally redecorating and shopping online. It's dangerous! My latest fixation is the wall behind the sofa in the living room. I had a gallery wall for the last while but after freshly painting the walls, made the decision to try something new.

I'm the girl who is constantly moving things around, which leaves little nail holes in the walls. To avoid this problem and still give me the freedom to mix things up, I hung a picture ledge. Instead of hanging art, I'll simply lean it one the shelf. This allows me to mix and match different frames, prints and art without doing too much damage.

Temporary art pieces.

The current Hello print, while cute, doesn't provide enough color or pattern. Not to mention the fact that the ceilings are high and the frame just doesn't have enough presence. I want a larger framed art print to fill the space and I'll add to the ledge from there.

I turned to Minted., a marketplace for independent artists, for some inspiration and instantly found many pieces that would suit perfectly. Actually, I found too many and need your help narrowing it down to one!

From left to right:
Even Still, by artist Katie Craig
Mid-summertime, by artist Emily Jeffords
Solstice, by artist Lindsay Megahed

As you can see, I'm definitely drawn to more abstract painted pieces with shades of blue and grey. It seems to be a theme around my house.

From left to right:
Weathered, by artist Melanie Severin
Frosted Barn, by artist Lindsay Megahed
Passage, by artsist Kelly Ventura

I'm thinking the best size Minted print  for the space will be 18 x 24. You can choose to order it framed or unframed and I'm still undecided on that part.

Minted. is super easy to navigate. I simply made an account and within the Art Marketplace clicked the little heart on each print that I liked, to add it to my favorites. It's a great way to help narrow down your selections. I was even able to filter my results to include only portrait size options and by choosing my favorite colors.

So what do you think? I'd love your suggestions before I decide which one to order. Is there one that you prefer?

Be sure to check out Minted. yourself. The choices are endless. You're bound to find many that you love!


  1. even still is my favorite, followed by passage which i think may be more you which is why i am saying that one. :)

  2. Those are all such great choices. I will have to check out Minted's artwork!

  3. I love Mid Summertime.....kind of reminds me of PEI. You have very lovely pieces to choose from, so the decision won't be a wrong one.

  4. Love them, Jane! I love Mid-Summertime and Frosted Barn :) beautiful! Although Frosted Barn might be better for another space in your house. Enjoy another day off! xo

  5. I really like Even Still too. It is gorgeous.


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