Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Moroccan Poufs.

A while ago, I purchased two Moroccan poufs for the living room. I guess I forgot to blog about them and every now and then, they pop up in an Instagram photo and someone will ask about them.

I had been on the hunt for a pair of poufs but found the prices and shipping from most companies a bit more than I wanted to pay. Then it occurred to me that I should check out Etsy. I'm not sure why I hadn't thought of it before. There were plenty of options! I ended up ordering from Maison Marrekech. There was a 10% off coupon available at the time (looks like it's still on! ) so I paid around $175 for the pair.

Shipping was a little expensive at $40 but it was still what I considered an affordable option compared to other sources. They arrived unstuffed in a plastic mailbag and aside from a strong leather smell, I was very pleased with the quality.

They aren't quite identical, which is characteristic of anything handmade and I like that they aren't a perfect match.

Stuffing them was an adventure. You would not believe how much one of those suckers will hold! I was replacing our sleeping pillows so I put the old ones in there, along with an older set of sheets, a couple of old towels, and a ton of clothes that I was going to sent to the Salvation Army. We joke that 20 years down the road, I can wear the clothes again, as they will be back in style! My own time capsules:)

So far, they've been thrown around, sat on and jumped on. They still look the same as the day they arrived. I can certainly attest to their quality.

They are versatile as well, we use them as footstools in front of our living room chairs and sometimes drag them over to the couch when we are watching TV. Their most useful and unexpected purpose has been for keeping Beaufort off the chairs. If someone came to the door when we weren't home, he would jump up on the chairs and scratch them with his claws. We simply pop the poufs on the chairs before we leave and he stays clear.

I also like that they can be tucked away under the coffee table or you can stick a tray on them as use them as an additional tabletop. They are primarily footstools though. We are a feet up family and it keeps them off the coffee table!

The living room is in a state of limbo right now. You may notice a new rug and chairs. It's in a total transition phase but is slowly moving into the direction that I envision for the space. I'll keep you updated as I go!


  1. I love the poufs - but I absolutely must have the black and white pillow on the leather chair! Can you please tell me where you purchased it?

  2. I was wondering how you made out with these. I love them and they look fantastic in the space!

  3. They look awesome...and too funny re: the time capsule! haha If you have kids you can get them to empty the poufs for their halloween costumes :)

  4. I was thinking about how you made out with these. I adore them and they look incredible in the space!

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  5. Its a pleasure to see our handmade dark tan Moroccan pouf featured in many blogs


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