Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Girl From Away.

Well this is rare! No posts all week and I throw in one on a Thursday night. Full of surprises!
I actually have quite a few little projects around the house to share with you but it seems they are all at that "almost finished" stage. Maybe I'll have a whole boatload of stuff to wow you with in the coming weeks? We will have to see!

This week, I finally visited the studio-shop The Girl From Away, in North Milton PEI. I had been dying to get there and was thrilled to chat with the owner, Nadyne (the girl from away). She is every bit as charming as I had imagined she'd be. So how does the The Girl From Away end up opening a shop in PEI? She wrote a very moving post over on her blog about how her move from Montreal to PEI came to be.
The studio-shop itself is an old shingled schoolhouse, weathered oh-so perfectly. It's worth the visit just to get in the doors to see the bright red and white interior, furnished with old benches, school desks and vintage lighting and maps.

Nadyne made or designed most of the items in the shop but also sells the wares of some talented friends from Montreal and some new friends here on the island. There are many graphic art prints, canvas bags, kids toys and clothing.
Of course, I couldn't leave without picking up a few things. A very special friend just had a baby girl so I picked up a couple little things for her and of course, I couldn't leave without my own The Girl From Away shirt!

I know I'm not actually "from away" but the shirts were so cute that it almost made me wish I was.
Almost. But not quite.
I love being an island girl. So much so, that when Nadyne spoke about here experience here, referring to the beautiful landscape and kindness and generosity of the people, I found myself bursting with pride for this tiny slice of paradise I get to call home.
Overall, I think the shop and its shopkeeper are pretty darn neat.
What's the next adventure for The Girl From Away this fall when it's time to close up shop? You should really go check out the shop, then you can ask her yourself!


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