Thursday, April 3, 2014

DIY: Copper Centerpiece.

I've totally jumped on the metallic bandwagon. I'm all over gold, bronze and copper in home décor, after years of wanting anything and everything silver, silver, and only silver. I'm certainly not rushing out to change out all the hardware in my house but I love the mixing of metal and have added quite a few of these metals through accessories throughout.

In the fall, I was the event designer for a styled wedding shoot. I shared some photos from the shoot here and it was also featured on Wedding Chicks. One of my favorite elements from the shoot was a little diy project that Steph and I whipped up to bring in the copper details I was desperately trying to incorporate.

We had some copper plumbing pieces around the house and we picked up a few more from the hardware store. We pieced long pipes together and created a six foot long narrow rectangle.

The Ts that joined the pipes just happen to be the perfect size to hold a taper candle. How lucky for us! Starting to see where we are going with this?

 Here is a shot of the copper pipes as I'm setting up at the shoot venue. The shoot was in a restored barn and we used picnic tables for the table setting. I laid out the tweed runners and set the "candle holder" on top.
After a little straightening it was ready to be styled.

It was really simple to put together. We really only had to cut a couple of the pipes. Luckily for us, where the candles were placed worked perfectly with the set up of the table.

There is certainly a lot going on but I love how it added that little extra shine and detail to the table, peeking out here and there.


I took it all apart after the shoot and have considered making a much smaller version for my table at home. I would recommend gluing the pieces if it was going to be used regularly. I wanted to be able to take it apart so we did not, which made for a wiggly twisty candle holder that needed lots of adjustments during the shoot.



  1. So awesome! You should totally recreate this in your own home. So many styling possibilities!

  2. so, so clever! I love the whole tablescape!

  3. What an awesome idea - and executed perfectly. I love the idea of a smaller version for use at home!

  4. this is GORGEOUS! i'm in the midst of helping my best friend plan her wedding... and one of her accents is copper... sending this to her right now!

  5. Um. You're brilliant. It's adorable. Now I need to get married again lol :p

  6. OMG - I'm so pinning this - how incredible would this be for an outside oversized dining table ???
    It's genius !

  7. I LOVE this. When I first bought my house, in 2001, I was poorer than poor (some things never change) and couldn't afford curtain rods for all of the giant windows. I hit up Home Depot and created rods out of copper pipe and els for joints to turn corners. They're still on most of the windows, and funny, are super trendy now. Ha!


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