Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Hi friends! Those of you who follow me in Instagram know that we just got back from a week of sun, sand and relaxation in beautiful Jamaica. It went by much too quickly but I'm feeling a little bit rejuvenated. Now, here's the part where I list all my excuses for not blogging lately. 

I had been a little hard on myself about neglecting the blog and came to realize I was a little burnt out. School has been busy with report cards, interviews and upcoming provincial assessments. Thank goodness for a great class that I enjoy spending my days with. 

Living through a bathroom renovation was a million times more stressful than I'd ever imagined. It really left us exhausted. Steph, physically and me, emotionally. I do really need to get on the ball and share the progress, I know. 

My computer officially fried. 

We started crossfiting 5 times a week instead of 3. While I do believe it's been a positive change overall, it eats up our evenings a few nights a week. ie less time for projects around the house and blogging in front of the tv.

I'm at the 'I want to change everything in my house' phase. This is not financially feasible not to mention ridiculous, but means I need a game plan. Baby steps!

So that's my feeble attempt at an explanation for my absence. I think I'm back though. Let's try for a couple of posts this week, shall we?


  1. Ha I totally get you. On all levels. Take it easy- we'll be here when you get back!

  2. Where did you stay in Jamaica? I'm dying to go and it looks idyllic!

  3. I just simply stopped explaining myself after longer than planned absences on my blog. It's my blog after all and sometimes I'm inspired and sometimes I'm not. I love to write it but there are times when life demands our attention too!
    So don't worry, people will still enjoy reading about your adorable home and all the updates you're making - regardless of how often you can carve out the time to blog. I took the pressure off and it's amazing how much relief I feel and how much more enjoyment I get out of the days when I can put together a post or share something about my life.
    xo Meg

  4. Welcome back! Totally understandable "excuses" - I struggle with creating content I actually care about all the time and end up feeling guilty when it's a roundup of products or something similar instead of a home project... It's funny (and awesome) how serious blogging can be ;)
    (And your trip looked AMAZING!)

  5. haha, hope that view helped to re-set life, and you! :) After seeing you the other day (with tan!) I know it did :) Exactly what the Dr. ordered!! xo


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