Tuesday, September 3, 2013

An Inspired Green Door.

One of the best thing about blogging is getting feedback from readers. I read every single comment and appreciate every like, retweet and pin. My favorite part is hearing that a project I've completed has inspired someone else to tackle of one of their own.

A couple of weeks ago, I got an email from Megan who had come across my green front door on Pinterest. One of my most popular pins for sure.

She adored the color and was determined to paint her own front door the same color. I wrote her back with the color (ICI Calypso Green) and she promised a photo when she finished painting it.

This morning I woke up to that photo and I must say, I think it's pretty awesome. The green pairs so perfectly with the grey paint. Thanks so much for sharing Megan!

Can you believe that I go back to work this morning and I didn't, in all of my 66 days of summer vacation, find time to paint my own front door? An upcoming weekend project for sure! Now I'm thinking I should go back to green.. I do still have some of that paint...

Time to turn on my teacher brain!

Have a great short week!


  1. love it! her door looks awesome! i wish the exterior of my house was similar colors so i could have an awesome door! i am working with brown and a yellow/tan and a brownish red roof so not much i can do right now until we need a new roof and the whole thing gets redone!

  2. i love both of your green doors...and I agree making connections through blogging and inspiring someone else is pretty amazing.

  3. I hope you return to a green door. It is fresh, original and versatile through the seasons.

  4. Heyyyy, I recognize that door! it's the Murdens across the street! Looks sooooo AWESOME! Ready for ANY/EVERY Seasonal decor! :)


  5. I've been meaning to put up and paint our front door... for oh... two years.

    The shame! The humility!

  6. I LOVE the green door. I just bought a house a month ago and already painted my front door orange and love it!

  7. Such a great color. I wish my door would look good in green paint!

  8. Brilliant door color. I hope the first day of school was a good one. Can't believe the summer has gone by so fast.

  9. Our house can be a representation of our personality as homeowners, so it's great to showcase some of our personal choices and creative juices when it comes to house projects. Painting your door bright green is a bold move indeed, and it's great to hear that you are inspiring people with your every project. Well, I hope you keep sharing with us your future house projects. Thank you!
    Danielle @ Vinylume Home Improvement

  10. Nothing can be more satisfying than being an inspiration to someone! Your green door may not be as stunning and vibrant like yellow or red, but it has a calming effect like that of a blue color. Hope to see more of your projects! Thanks, Jane!

  11. Megan’s story simply proves that you inspired a lot of people with your posts. Through stories like this, people are encouraged to try out new things. Before, most people would just stick with a black and white color scheme for their front door, but today, they're getting pretty daring with brighter shades. It really helps your home to stand out in the neighborhood!
    William Gulliver @ Up and Above Contractors


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