Monday, July 8, 2013

Our George Nelson Pendant.

We replaced the light in the dining room. The one we had before was the first thing I bought when I purchased the house and I was ready for a change. I've loved the George Nelson saucer light for years. It's modern yet timeless. It and others from the collection make frequent many appearances in new modern spaces but could also be spotted in many interiors since it was designed in 1947.

I couldn't find a source that carried it within Canada that didn't cost an arm and a leg in shipping. One day, the Modern Shop, popped up on my Facebook feed. A design store in Ottawa that carries an amazing variety of things including my light! Even better? Shipping was free. Sold!

It did take a while to get here but it arrived in perfect condition and was simple to install. We love how it looks in the dining room. It suits our style much more than the one we had before. My only complaint is that it had an odd chemical-like smell from it the first few weeks but it seems to have dissipated.

As a general rule, I prefer to hang dining room lights fairly low and follow the rule of 30-36 inches off the table. However, with this light hanging it low just didn't look right at all. We referred to some inspiration photos and discovered that all of them are hung quite high.

Very similar to our table as well. How I wish I had those ceilings!

The table appears rather large since we have both leaves in it at the moment. Steph hosted some family that were visiting the island over the weekend and my family is coming over tomorrow night. Gotta love summer company!

You may also notice the bare windows. Two months ago, I ordered panels from Pottery Barn. They arrived (3 1/2 weeks later) and were the wrong length. I called right away and they apologized and promised to send me the proper ones immediately using express post. As of last week, I hadn't yet received them. They assumed they were lost and sent out another replacement. I have yet to receive those and I'm losing hope. Definitely the last time I order from them!

On another note. this weekend was a blast. I went to Ski Martock, which is just outside Halifax, with my Crossfit crew to participate in our first Mud Hero run. It was hot and muddy! I don't know if I have or ever will be that dirty again in my life. After two showers I was still finding dirt on my body. My pretty pink tank top, shorts and white knee socks were beyond salvaging, as were my sneakers. Good times!

My sister Julie and I after the run.

Our Crossfit crew post run and pre evening shenanigans. We'll be back next year for sure!


  1. super cool! and congrats on the run!!!

  2. I love the light, it look fantastic. The run looks a little nuts, but also looks like a really good time.

  3. The light looks so fun!! I really like it in your space! :)

  4. I love it! It looks so good with your table. I am such a fan of mid century design.

  5. Love the George Nelson. I've seen them at Dwr but I'll have to keep the Modern Shop in mind.

  6. Love the pendant you chose! Fits great in the room.
    Also, the run looks like it was fun. I had some friends who were there too!

  7. Lovely blog! I'm a huge Nelson fan, pendants and otherwise. Love your choice!

  8. I'm so happy you posted about this because I'm getting one too!! But I'm torn between a trio or just one (my new dining room is open concept with the kitchen and living room, so it's a big area). I was wondering if there would be an problems and I'm happy to hear a weird smell is all! I actually went to Modern Shop a few days ago to look at them, but they moved so now I have to track down the new location.

  9. I'm happy to hear that I am not the only one experiencing difficulty with Pottery barn online shopping. My experience was with West Elm but, I believe they all go through fifty one something or other. I ordered from West Elm twice with no luck. First, my order was lost and second time, they told me they had system issues and never received my order even though I had an email with an order number confirming that they received my order. They had me go through the Toronto store but, they would not honor the shipping discount that was being offered online. Alas, I gave up. Sadly, it would seem they have not addressed the issues with Canadian online shopping.


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